Unleash the Dragon in Iron Bear

While looking at the new skill tree and planning out my initial build I want to go with, I noticed I won’t have much in the way of consistent enemy ignition.
Does anyone know if IB’s stomp triggers the Unleash the Dragon artifact’s effect?
I’m at work for another six hours or I’d test it myself. It could be a nice way to be able to constantly activate the new capstone if it works, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be worth giving up things like the Pearl.

Try holding a companion? Maybe it’ll work like an unforgiven?

That’s a neat idea for after I’m out of Bear that I’ll have to try. I’m more hoping for while I’m in Bear though, to proc the new capstone.
Unfortunately El Dragon did not want to drop his artifact for me in the time I had to game today, so I couldn’t test it but maybe in the morning I’ll be able to get it.

Cloud of Lead gives decent fire dots on the faster guns like the mini guns. Theres also the Fire Rail Cannons and Skag Den.

I also swear I saw IB Railgun annointed guns in some demo gameplay.

Oh I hadn’t considered that Cloud of Lead can put dots on things! That’s smart, thanks

Can also get easy fire through Experimental Munitions if you’re good at getting crits.

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It works :melee with Ib correctly triggers unleash the dragon

another thing that might work is holding a weapon with asa nova before entering ib I don t remember if the nova ignite though