Unless I'm mistaken

Lvl 73-80 grog nozzles could be legit, but anything labeled with an OP lvl can’t be if the player has the new dlc


correct, max legit should be 80, however if it is perfect, there is a high chance it is not legit as well. New op1 to op10 is illegitimate.

I hope they include it in the VIP rewards.


So old OP8 ones got turned in lvl 80 ones? Any idea if the item cards were updated properly?

If so that makes anything labeled with an OP lvl fake assuming the person has the new dlc?


Yes item card is updated.

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It actually depends on your level. If you’re level 72 and you completed OP8, and it says OP 8, then it’s a possibly legit level 80 that the game wants you to know you can use, despite being level 72

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I was told by someone i trust @nat_zero_six that item cards correctly display the lvls. So if you were OP8 and had a grog it will say lvl 80 now. The OP was edited to state that only grogs labled with OP lvls aren’t legit


Item cards do this wired revers leveling thing. The stats do not change but the cards level tag will change as you level from 72 to 80. So an OP8 gun will go from OP8 to 7 to 6 until it hits 1 at level 79 and then finally it will be labeled as a level 80 item. The same happens with any level of OP gear. For example an OP4 will become level 76 once you hit level 76. Essentially any character who has OP levels can equip gear up to level 80 and the card changes based on the character.


yes, it’s very frustrating that such an essential endgame item is a variable (in terms of parts) quest reward…fortunately the community has solved that problem by having gibbed them and they are shared often enough that most people have one now at whatever level they need…if GBX didn’t want that, they shouldn’t have designed so much of the endgame around it imho…almost no one got their grog from the community day event, I’d be shocked if I ever ran across someone who did…I’d be fine with that if it was just a curiosity instead of one of the most important items in the game.


Yeah this is probably the most confusing aspect to come out of the new level cap. I guess the decision was made to simply label that gear as “OPx” (perhaps it was simplier to code it this way in the game code than try to come up with some new labeling scheme) because you’ve earned the right to equip them, but if the game labeled them as a proper level 80, your character would no longer be able to equip them until you leveled up.

That’s it exactly. It’s only confusing at first. Then it makes sense as the only possible way.