Unlimited and million damage weapon

Hi I am new in this game. I’m level 57 and played online with random people. He dropped me a weapon and shield, but with million damage, million shield and unlimited ammo which is very very powerful. I can defeated boss mayhem 10 in one shot.

Just want to make sure, is this glitch or what? I don’t want this glitch is ruin my game.


The weapon is modded.

Is the mod will be Glitch or I can normally plays with this overpowered weapon?

Because in mayhem 10, it becomes very easy with this weapon.

The weapon can not be obtained by normal means in the game. You can use it if you want but you are effectively using ‘cheats’. You won’t be banned and it won’t corrupt your save or anything but you might get bored of using such powerful weapons if that’s not your cup of tea.

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