Unlimited Bad Touch Glitch

A lot of you know this already as I posted it elsewhere, but I was shocked that I wasn’t aware of this…and that no one else was either.

The Bad Touch is only available once per character but I happened on this video by Joltz that explains how you can get unlimited Bad Touches :

Short version :

  • Tip Moxxi (in $100’s - it’s based on random clicks, not dollar amount) until she holds the BT out for you.
  • DON’T take it.
  • Run to the Fast Travel , go anywhere and come back.
  • When you return, the BT will be floating above the bar.


  • The game has basically “forgotten” about it so it won’t count. You can go ahead and tip her again without save/quit which means you can build up a stack of them :

I’m not sure if the BT levels with your character in Normal & True or with Sanctuary ; either way, you can get a new one every few levels. Regardless, there’s no way to trick the game into getting the Good Touch (fire) without accepting the BT, thereby closing off the possibility of future BTs.


It’s tied to Sanctuary level.


I am guilty that I am not aware of this as well. Although I know that when you leave the Touch will be floating in mid year.

Maybe I am not aware since for console it is easier to just join a new character drop some loot, sell then tip moxxi to get on level Bad Touch.


So when you grab one of those floating BTs you can still come back later for more because the game doesn’t register it as being accepted from Moxie? Awesome!

I wonder if you can do this same trick with other Sanctuary (edit: or anywhere really) NPCs who offer items: Scooter holding out eridium when you first get there (lots of floating eridium?!), everyone at the end giving you gear before the Warrior fight, etc.


Never knew about this glitch either. I still like Hyperion/Maliwan PCs better overall than Bad/Good Touch, but this’ll come in handy when I need a good SMG while leveling.


It’ll be particularly useful for climbing the Peak. Get a new one every level :smiley:


That’s my plan, assuming I ever get my Maya to UVHM.


Well, doesn’t work unfortunately! I had some random Axton who had just beaten Flynt and was collecting dust in NVHM (can’t remember what my intention for him was…) and Scooter would still just be standing there holding out the one bundle of eridium when I FTed away and back. I’m thinking it’s because he’s tied to a mission and it’s coded differently from Moxie who is ‘free standing’ so to speak.


it works with the items offered by npcs at the beginning of talon of god


Necro… :wink: :wink:

thoughts? or one of Borderlands 2 Misconception?

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Let me get this straight.

So, you’ve accepted your one and final Bad Touch (corrosive for the noobs).
Next time you tip Moxxi, she should give you a Good Touch (fire).
But, there’s a 5% chance she’ll give you a Bad instead?
And then…what? Done? No Good Touch for you? Or you magically still can get a Good Touch?

As far as plausibility, I’d say sure. Could definitely be a thing. I’ve done entire playthroughs and never bothered to get a GT so my experience counts for nothing towards this claim.

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i have done playthroughs with Maya and Good Touch is one of the gears i always update the level and I have never gotten a Bad Touch after the first one.

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I love me some SMGs, and healing is nice, but I never have been all that fond of the good/bad touches.

I’d rather use a Hellfire or B*tch on the Peak, I’ve tried the touches and they just don’t give me the DPS I want, and Maya has so much healing already that I don’t find I get much benefit from the Moxxi-ness of the weapons.