Unlimited BattleCruisers but just 5 Carriers? Why?

People keep complaining about the power of BCs and wanting a counter. Well, we had one in HW2. The number of Carriers was not limited to 5.

(Edit: The below limits are for Vaygr. Apparently other races may have different limits. But, I would assume the impact is the same. Lower Carrier limits vs HW2. )
HW2 Unit Cap Default: Carriers 6, BCs 3
HW2 Unit Cap High: Capital Ships 25, no Carrier limit, no BCs limit

HWRM Unit Cap Default: Carriers 4, BCs 3
HWRM Unit Cap High: Carriers 5, BCs 4
HWRM Unit Cap Huge: Capital Ships 28, Carriers 5, no BCs limit

What’s the deal?

I get the slight impression that these caps were changed to limit Kushan/Taiidan carriers due to the fact that they have duel build queues.

I would argue that each race needs a unique carrier cap amount.
Vaygr’s carrier for example, is very barebones with only one production slot - why should this type of carrier be restricted to the same build cap as a Hiigaran carrier?

Because even with Hiigaran carriers, you only can build 1 ship type at a time from it, so you’d use your 5 carriers in the same way that vaygr would use their 5 carriers as a hiigaran player, build corvettes from this carrier, fighters from this and frigates from this. Or mostly frigates from 3 and corvettes/fighters from 2. Having more facilities on the Hiig carrier doesn’t really give it much of an advantage in my opinion, it just means you can change your build spec faster. But doesn’t offer more production.

Yeah. The fact that you can’t instantly switch production on demand for the Vaygr carrier (due to the single production slot) unlike the Hiig was my rationale for a slightly increased carrier cap amount. But in retrospect I can see now that it isn’t that bad of a disadvantage to warrant a different cap, at least for the HW2 races.

Aye, it would be nice if we could really change up the carriers from Hiig and Vayg to be even more customizable, like adding another production slot on the hiig carrier, and allowing the vayg to further their production speed. So the carriers would be even more invaluable. Just a thought.

Ahh I understand. You want to increase the extent of the asymmetric balancing between Hiig and Vayg carriers.
Also did you mean a subsystem that would add another build queue for the Hiig carriers or an uprade that would add another subsystem slot (for auxiliary things like gravity wells, fire control towers etc.)?

Yeah, this could be applied to both races, for instance the Manufacturing subsystem for the Hiigs could be the extra build queue, now you only get one. While the Vaygr could have their production speed doubled.

Isn’t that the same thing as having more than 5 Carriers?

Hiigaran could only have 4 carriers while Vaygr could have 6, that was with default unit caps. It didn’t change for carriers, It might have for destroyers but not carriers.

Different races have different unit caps…Hiigaran can only have 4 Marines frigates while vaygr could have 6.
I think taiidan and kushan have 70 fighter limits in this game, but vaygr and hiigaran can’t have 70 fighter squadrens…

I put the HWRM Vaygr unit caps in the top of the thread. It was 6 in HW2, it is now 5. Plus it is limited to 5 with the Huge unit cap.