Unloadable game save issue

Tried to get back in today still having the same random problem again
Showing I still have an active game save for my level 58 Jack

(Pic from when this first occurred last week)
Then it says I don’t have any save data

And basically shuts down the game.
I’ve tried to re-download the dlc’s and frantically backed up all of my saves.
But can’t find any evidence of this happening to anyone else online or here in the forums.
Anyone seen anything like this on the start menu before?

I thought I’d see if anyone had any insight.

First make sure you have all the dlc actually installed.

Next, try verifying your game through steam. If it says nothing is wrong, delete the dlc folder and willowgame/config folders found at C:/programfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/BorderlandsPreSequel and retry verifying. It will redownload those files.

If nothing else works, reinstall the game.

So are you on PS3 or PC? (You’ve posted in the PS3 tech support section, but it looks from some of those screen shots that you’re on PC)?

Edit: Just saw your other post in which you said PS3.

In that case, I’d suggest finding out how to make back-up copies of all your saves AND the profile data file that’s in the same folder as the game saves on your PS3, then look into replacing the PS3. It looks very much like you’re having hard disk issues leading to corruption when the PS3 tries to load the game code and resources.

Edit 2: The profile data file contains your BAR, heads, skins, bank, stash, and golden keys information. You do not want to lose this!

Thanks for your replies!
The first thing I did after this happened was back up all of my characters and profile data to a jump drive so that I don’t lose it.
My son and I were playing together and he doesn’t have the holodome dlc on his profile and that happens to be where we were when the game froze.
His character on his profile/character (wilhelm) is also “invalid”. So I backed his up as well.

I just bought a PS4 for Christmas and plan to transport my saves to the HC. Biggest concern is wether or not that’s possible now.

Seems a bit odd, but then I’ve never played on PS since SW:Battlefront on the PS2!

On 360 access is shared to any purchased content across all accounts; not sure how PS3 handles that, but if it is different then that might explain it. (Either that, or there’s some kind of licence hiccup - happens on 360 periodically, so I just redo the licence transfer and that usually fixes things.)

Check the patch notes on the gearbox support web site for the specific process for transferring your saves. I really hope you’re able to get them all migrated.

One thing you should know about PS4 is that if you want to play split-screen local co-op, you do need to have both players signed in to their own accounts.

Ok thanks.

We are both on separate accounts

On the positive my BL2 saves aren’t affected at all (knock on wood) and that’s where I’ve spent the majority of the last 3 years so if I have to grind out another Jack from scratch on the HC I can think of worse things to do as he’s by far my favorite!

Thanks for your help tho.
I’ll be sure to reach out if any further issues arise.
Have a nice holiday