Unloadable save data... on a PC? help please

Decided to pop in and play a few hours before Borderlands 3 comes out. I downloaded The Pre-Sequel and fired it up only to show that my save games are “Unloadable” . It can’t be a DLC problem as I have all DLCs and they are currently installed… so any clues how to fix this?

I know they are there as it shows my level, last save date, and the current mission etc.

Any help would be great


Did you try re-installing the DLCs?

Hello - Yep! It was a fresh install and I made sure that the DLCs were all installed. I actually got a weird error at first (it would pop up a huge error message in an independent window but the movies would keep playing… game did not load though). I did a uninstall and then a fresh install and I could play game no problem… my characters were gone though which is why I started a new one to ensure I got the points. You can actually see that I played in my Steam activity feed (pasted below). My character account is Wraithlok (shows I played 16, 17 and 18)