Unlock Lore via microtransactions?

Before people go ham on me because microtransactions are bad blahblah, hear me out! Now that microtransactions are a thing, will we see the possibility of unlocking lore challenges via that method?

People seem to rage about that practice, BUT I would pay real money if there is a chance to unlock some of the lore. Don’t get me wrong, I love completing all the challenges, even the grindy ones, but there are some challenges that are just too situational and some are just straight up stupid (I’m looking at you Toby).

If this defeats the purpose of challenges, they can at least limit one unlock per character or even 5 unlocks per account. And I’m sure that some people would welcomed that.

(Unless they fix the lore challenges by making it less situational/stupid, but I doubt that’ll happen in the near future =P)

No thank you. I’d rather Gearbox focus on making changes to lore challenges so that they are all doable (such as Toby’s double kill one with his ultimate, which is nigh on impossible).


I too would rather have them make the challenges more doable. But I wouldn’t mind if this was an option too.

While I’m inclined to disagree with you out of principle alone, I’m not sure I can. Some characters simply don’t suit my playstyle, and if I could pay a small sum to not have to frustrate myself playing them, I just might.

There’s a very simple reason why this will never happen: lore challenges are part of unlocking trophies. Paying to unlock lore would be paying for trophies, and as far as I know, that’s extremely taboo for consoles.

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Oh! I actually didn’t know that. Kind of a bummer then if true… =/

While they at it might as well give us legendary loot packs but only can be brought with real money.
I vote no no way no no no no no.
They could just change the challege i would rather than they people buying character legendary.

Let me say it in this way: Oh, hell no!! :rage:

I agree 2 of Toby’s lore challenges are too hard to get, but buying them through microtransactions is not the solution. That would be awful. Just fix the requirements to be attainable.

Just to confirm that the lore challenges are being looked at, here’s a response that’s just been posted:


I would prefer that they just balance the lore challenge in question. That being said, Toby’s “Killing on Rails” lore challenge is the ONLY thing keeping me mastering my favorite character, and i would easily pay $5 for it right now.

Yeah I thought I’d seen that somewhere prior to the Battleplan, thanks for confirming.