Unlocked trinkets disappearing

Hey there,

I wanna report a bug I’ve had happen on xbox and I know of at least 2 other people who experienced the same, so I’m hoping this can be looked into, cause it isn’t just me.

I’ve also filed a ticket, but I feel it might be more successful here.

With a BoB crew challenge I got a weapon trinket mailed, the devil tooth.
I unlocked it, euqipped it, all good.

Few days later another trinket dropped from the Ruiner, I unlocked it, equipped it, didn’t like it, wanted to reequip the devil tooth.

But it was gone from the list.

So I chose one of the older trinkets, checked the list, and the 2nd unlocked dlc drop was gone too.

Then I noticed that the trinket we got with mail around the time of dlc2, the Hammerlock bionic arm was gone from the list too.

This makes 3 unlocked disappeared weapon trinkets I know of, there may be more I didn’t notice, no idea.

A friend sent me the devil tooth again, and it doesn’t say “already known”, which is good cause I was afraid I could never get it back cause I unlocked it already.

BUT before I unlock it again I would prefer to wait until the bug that made this and others disappear has been adressed.

Thanks for reading

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Both trinkets from Bounty of Blood are bugged.

That’s what I assumed. So hopefully they will also be fixed, cause I’m a customizations junkie :laughing:

I’m missing a trinket as well. The cowboy hat just vanished today