Unlocking Attikus Bug

The other night I decided to grind the 800 Jennerit kills to unlock Attikus. I finally finished this morning and upon getting the 800 kills I wasn’t rewarded Attikus. On my command tab it still says he is locked and that the command level unlock is 32. The challenge unlock isn’t visible. Help me friends.

How are you checking to see how many Jennerit kills you’ve gotten?

Just underneath the unlocks tab. Then I go down to characters to the unlock Attikus tab and it says that I have 800/800 Jennerit kills

Hmmm stange. Attikus unlocked for me. I went to command-challenges-enemies-jennerit to see how many I had. Maybe weird bug

I ran into the same bug a while back and am still waiting for them to properly address the problem so your not alone on the issue

Same problem here :pensive: