Unlocking Base Abilities Is Not Fun

(Pgehant1) #1

I very much appreciate the loadout system for allowing players to mix and match for that perfect champion/hero skillset to go tear ass with. However, I’ve always felt that grinding to play with that content is the biggest turn off when first starting out. It might be better to allow the base rank of the skills be playable immediately. Then players can improve on those skills through playtime and/or level up bonuses.


(Murglo) #2

i totally agree; ive played a few matches; and aside from being matched with people with mmr in the several hundred; with that they have all these abilities that completely destroy me; like a guy with Excalibur hiding behind a turret against a wall; or someone who is clearly more skilled then me already has a railgun my first match and just annihilates me; if everyone had a base everything it would be way more fun imho


(S-X) #3

Thats solely because the player base is small due to being a closed alpha. I have the opposite issue where i have several hundred MMR and at night im luck if i can play someone with a quarter of my MMR.

Honestly the base items arent bad. the rocket is the best or second best weapon in the game. Meteor is good but it never gets used in high mmr because human flame is better.

shotgun is bad, but you really dont need to weapon switch in this game.

I cant remember the other two abilities though, but skill and experience definitely are more important than most cards and they only take a few hours to unlock the good ones (not even legendary)


(Frodsgnal) #4

I completely agree. The game is extremely fast for even the card collecting right now. even after losing a match you get cards to progress your strategy and only through play time with a card can you really get better. for instance you mentioned Excalibur only when I play against someone that doesn’t know what is going can I pull it off and even then it can be hard to change the tide of the game in 30s considering respawn time.