Unlocking Battleborn

I don’t know if this is anywhere else on the forums because I can’t find it, but will we still have to unlock Battleborn as we play? I haven’t heard much about it recently. And if we do unlock them, will it be like a “Lego” game where you can buy characters, or will we automatically get them once we meet certain requirements?

Yup. It looks like we’ll unlock them through completing story missions. We don’t really have any more detail than that.


I thought I saw an “Unlock Galilea” prompt thing on one of the Shayne & Aurox gameplay videos

Think super smash bros. there are more ways to unlock a hero.
Yes you unlock new heroes by playing missions, but heroes can also be unlocked by playing multiplayer and completing challenges. So you could unlock a hero by simply killing 30 Battleborn heroes in multiplayer.


I think it will be like LEGO games without the buying.

I’m also assuming the challenges to unlock other Battleborn will be relatively easy, something you could complete in a day or 2.

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Given the game shipping with 25 heroes is a selling point and a large portion of any game like this is playing as different heroes, I can’t imagine unlocking any of them to be too strenuous. Few people want to toil for dozens of hours just to unlock the one hero they want to play.

Of course, I do think that locking heroes down is good for a sense of progression as well as to not overwhelm new players. By having a few simple heroes unlocked from the beginning to learn with Gearbox can ensure players don’t get in over their heads and quit within the first few hours of play, which is very common in a lot of games, particularly ones heavily featuring multiplayer. However, I hope that the training wheels come off quickly and I am not still trying to unlock all 25 after a week or two has gone by.

What is perhaps more interesting to me is the model for future content, not the content we pay for at launch. I just hope however that is done does not fragment the player base.

we know ISIC will be unlockble because he was debuged by kleese soo in the story i think that will happen
and maybe kleese will be unlockble

I’m sure your second play-through could start with everyone unlocked.

Some great information here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/how-battleborns-rpg-mechanics-extend-its-replayabi/1100-6435511/

With seven starting characters and an additional 18 to unlock, Battleborn’s RPG elements hint at a longevity sometimes absent from multiplayer shooters. The extensive web of unlocks, items, improvements, and challenges are enticing, and could be the thing to set Battleborn apart in the multiplayer shooter landscape when it releases on May 3.

So, while I am sure that is subject to change, as it stands, we start with seven Battleborn unlocked.

I think it would be cool if everyone started out with a slightly different pool of starting characters. Though maybe 5 of them would always take special unlocking.

So, for example I boot up the game and have access to character #5, #3, #10, #15, #19, #22, and #8. But my friend starts up and has #20, #21, #22, #1, #2, #5 and #7.

The benefit of this would be the huge amount of character diversity amongst people playing online. This would benefit short term and long term for many reasons. Every new player would not be limited to a small cast. People might not ever even try every character. They might focus especially on the first standard 7 and only ever really get into 5 of the others. But if we all start with slightly different crew then artificial diversity is achieved.

Now the question is, who is the first Seven?

Cool idea but this could backfire if someone ended up getting a bunch of characters with steep learning curves. A fixed set of starting characters allows the devs to give access to the most beginner-friendly battleborn.

A slight modification could fix that though, perhaps you could always start off with characters #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 but get 1-2 random characters. So Player 1 may get characters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #1337, and #9001 but Player 2 might get characters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #777, and #7331.

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I don’t know, but I suspect:

  1. Montana
  2. Phoebe
  3. Rath
  4. Orendi
  5. Thorn
  6. Miko
  7. Marquis

One of those seven may be Oscar Mike.

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Considering the pre-order bonus, it’s at least:
Montana, Thorn, Reyna, Marquis, Rath.

Maybe Oscar mike. Or Whiskey Foxtrot…

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Phoebe has to be unlocked, as shown in recent Incursion gameplay

I agree. I did think of this too. There might be 4 guys that everyone gets and 3 randoms. Or at least you’d get at least melee, one support, one gunbased guy, and at least 2 from the “easier to use” group. Or they could create 3 different “starter groups”. You’d either be group A, B or C. They might all have one or two of the same guys but otherwise be different/balanced.

I can only hope that the unlocking happens quickly and diversely enough to create diversity whatever way they are planning.

the more i find out about this game the more hyped i become!

I’m hoping that I could play Reyna from the start, but we’ll have to see.

Not sure where I saw/read it but I’m pretty sure someone who’s played the game or one of the devs said that the characters would be unlocked very quickly through achievements.