Unlocking characters is so hard

I Have Never Play Battleborn And I Come With Open Mind And The Game Is Fun As Hell But My Only Problem Is That To Unlock One Character Takes A Lot Of Time Example I Want Alani But Takes A lot
Of Credits To Get Her I Have Been Playing For Almost 3 Days I Spend 3 Hrs At Most Playing The Game And I Still Can Not Unlock Her When In Other Games In That Same Time I unlock Like 4 Characters Or More
And I Feel Like I’m Not Making Any Progress And That’s The Only Problem I Have With The Game.

Thanks For Reading This Post Have A Good Day.

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Thanks, you too! I’m not sure why every word in your post is capitalised, and it’s a bit scary to me for reasons i don’t quite understand; but, damn it, i can’t help but admire such politeness!


Originally, they were trying to pry some extra money out of purchasers of a full price game for the DLC characters, so they made them hard to unlock, attempting to get people to spend money on them or on the season pass, as opposed to the main set of characters in the game who could be unlocked in the story missions. As a general rule, you’ll get more credits consistently out of the story missions, but I understand your pain at having to grind out nearly fifty thousand credits a character. Unfortunately, not much you can do about it. My advice would be to find some other characters you like, work them up and along the way you’ll pick up enough credits to get those extra chars.


Go find the game at your local store, buy the season pass and enjoy the game for the next yearSsss



The reason you have to grind for characters is because this is not free to play, it’s a free trial. If you don’t want to grind for characters, then do as @laverdieremanu suggested and either buy a physical copy or a key from one of the key resellers on the Internet. CD Keys is a good place to look.


If you don’t mind spending a LITTLE money, the season pass is the way to go. You’d get all 5 DLC characters and all the story ops.


U can find the full game for 9.99 (or less) and season pass for 20.

I highly recomend the season pass!! The story misions it givea are extremly usefull for loot and you can spend your credits in bank room, loadouts and more lootpacks.

You get a lot of loot from playing the PvE missions, particularly the Story Operations. Those can be sold for credits and will be much faster than grinding PvP for credits.


What’s even spookier is that the capitalization thing doesn’t apply to the thread title.


The problem with this method is that Free Trial players don’t have access to missions ;), the only way they can get the credits is through PvP.

It’s a long process, but at least you have a goal to work towards something.

Yeah but you can buy 1 story mission and grind that can’t you?

I Wish You The Very Best Of Luck In Your Grinding And Unlocking Endeavours!

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