Unlocking characters you already Mastered

Can anyone clarify this?

I’ve Mastered Phoebe but I haven’t unlocked her?

Characters unlock by reaching a specified command rank or completing a specified challenge.

Prior to unlocking the Battleborn screen shows the unlock requirement.

Huh? I’m level 100 with more than 600 hours in the game and as stated Master of Phoebe.
Still confused.

They are the challenges for unlocking them. If you unlock a character through command rank it doesn’t make the challenge go away. It will even say you unlocked them after completing it If you already have them.


So, unless I play PvP I’m not really unlocking Phoebe even tho I am Master of her in PvE?

It’s just a challenge to unlock her a different way. You will never complete the challenge without doing pvp but you already unlocked her fair and square by leveling up.


…Thanks :wink:

Wow, you really do play PvE exclusively, only 13 player kills!? :open_mouth:

There are two ways to unlock each character:

  1. By having a sufficiently high Command Rank. (Phoebe unlocks at Command Rank 22, I think?)

  2. By completing character-specific challenges. (for Phoebe, I believe it’s kill 50 enemy Battleborn, in which case, it looks as though you’ve killed 13).

So, you’ve unlocked her by being Command Rank 22, but you have yet to complete her unlock challenge of killing 50 players in pvp.

Yup, I only play PvE, got suckered into a few PvP by friends on Steam, just trying to be nice to them.
note: I’m level 100 with almost 700 hours into Advanced PvE and feel like Gearbox is ignoring us PvE players. :acmsad:

One was me…I forget you don’t play PvP sometimes.

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…You are an awesome teammate :smile:

I wouldn’t say they’re ignoring PvE players (I play both PvE and PvP). I think the fact that they offered two ways of unlocking every character (many of whom do not have PvP requirements at all) is evidence against that.

I would say that most of the updates after launch will naturally revolve around PvP as this is where characters need to be balanced for fair play (which isn’t really a concern in PvE), and therefore most of the discussions in the forums will revolve around PvP topics as well.

They just had a huge update to many (most) of the characters including many of their lore challenge requirements, drastically lowering the thresholds to meet them, which should be helpful for a lot of mostly-PvEers looking to master some of their favourite characters.

They also just had a huge week-long lootpocalypse event that really only affected those playing PvE . . .


I don’t have anyone but Reyna at Mastery rank, but I’ve had the entire cast unlocked for quite some time. This (what you show above) happens to me all the time.

Some counter or ticker isn’t synced to the player’s unlocks, and just posts an unlock message when a threshold is reached. It’s not something I worry about.

There are 2 ways to unlock each Battleborn. Each is a “challenge”. You beat one challenge and not the other to unlock her. If you finish the other unlock challenge then the thing you are talking about will complete. You are referring to an unlock challenge under the challenge tab. It has nothing to do with mastery or rank. Or unlocking the character if you already did by other means. It’s under the character challenges tab, if you want it filled up, do said challenge. Same as trophies or achievements, but if you already have the reward then it doesn’t count towards anything

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No, it’s not an evidence. Command rank unlocks work for both PVE and PVP players.

I think that was my point.