Unlocking characters...?

Hi! I got bored with OW so I was like why not give this game a chance. I love the multiplayer so far…but one thing that is really stopping me from fully enjoying the game- unlocking characters. I play this game in some way like a moba, expecting that I’m able to create a team comp with a friend. I also expect to be able to fill certain role with different characters. Maybe I misunderstood and this game isn’t designed to be a competitive game, which is a bummer because I see massive potential. :pensive:

The need to unlock characters is implemented to guarantee a longer playtime and more challange for the players.
If all characters were choosable from the start alot of gamers would complain that theres no longtime-playability or challange in BB.

Its not supposed to be a 20hours-and-done kind of game, and I really like that. Most Moba-styled titles seem to be very short fun…


I guess I was hoping that the emphasis would be placed on multiplayer competitive. It is just a bummer that I thought it was my kinda a game :confused:

It will, it’s just not going to happen immediately. We all have to work toward getting a certain character or maybe just build upon what we have. I’m loving this game!!!


Mhh, I never played a Moba, far more I never played real PvP before. As such a type of gamer I think BB has alot to offer for multiplayer/PVP-players! You just have to spend some grinding to get some characters :heart:
In that regard it feels like a giant wonderfull mash version of Borderlands and MarioKart - you get new courses and characters when you play or win.

I like the fact that you have to unlock characters through ranking up or achievements as well as gain additional helix mutations. It gives something to work towards and a sense of achievement when you get there. I think this is a better system than having all characters and helix mutations available from the start.


There is a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer competitive, there’s a ranked mode and that seems like something that would be up your alley. Honestly, unlocking characters isn’t that big a deal. It allows fro you to test every character and even established games like league of legends have a character unlock feature.

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Well it is unfair to compare something when you don’t compare other aspects of both of those games. You pointed out that both BB and other mobas, such as league of legends have a character unlock feature, which is true, but you are also not pointing out that they you are able to use cash to purchase those characters. You are also able to explore and choose which character to unlock by spending your currency.

This game forces you to play certain game mode in order to enjoy certain characters. It might not be a big deal to you but I’m simply pointing out that it is a big deal to certain people, such as people that enjoy the competitive aspect of it. I really want to try out ambra in this game, but I was forced to play certain amount of games (which I’m lucky because she’s unlocked early through level), or yesterday I was simply forced to play Rath, which is something that I don’t enjoy playing. In other games, if you don’t want to play bruiser, you can choose not to. In this game, you can choose not to but it just means that you either have to spend a lot of time grinding, or possibly playing something that you might not want to play.

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You’re right, the lack of a pay to unlock or use currency option is a really big miss on their part I would say. I too wanted to try characters during the beta but because I only have time to play on the weekends it will be a while before I get some of the cooler looking characters. So I share your frustration on that one

I really enjoy the game :pensive: Like you said, it’s just simply frustration because I don’t want to go back to the horror of OW (no offense to OverratedWatch fans here <3)

Hahah!! You might make some enemies with that one! Yeah, I am 100% with you there. I just never really though of it that way till you said it XD because my favorite character is Phoebe and you get her relatively early

It seems to me this is kind of a temporary problem. I mean you get access to all roles (not characters mind you) from level 10. Also there is a relatively easy way to unlock each character (the alternative “challange”).

I get your point, but not every game is DOTA 2. Most moba’s require you to either play a whole bunch (more than BB) to unlock just a few characters. Or pay a bunch of money. Exeptions being DOTA 2 ( all chars unlocked from start ) and Smite ( character pack is 25$, which is fair I think).

To most gamers (who generally have more time than money) your line of reasoning will seem like complaining that the story of the Witcher III was too long and it should’ve had less content so you can see the ending.

Speaking of long playtimes, I’m on PS4 and I always try to go for Platinum… these trophies are going to be rough, for starters you have to get ALL the lore challenges on ALL characters.

Even with hardcore playing this is going to take months LOL

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I´m sure they made unlock-acquirements easier in the Beta so more people could try out various characters. They also seem to have changed many acquirements.

Actually, this is a tad incorrect. :slight_smile:

Battleborn gives you a faster path to unlocking characters by accomplishing specific goals in specific places, but if you just play the game however you want, you will eventually unlock them all just by increasing your Command Rank.

You’ll have them all unlocked by Command Rank 40.

I think the confusion is caused by how the unlock mechanics is presented in the interface. When I first played, I thought I had to be a certain rank AND complete the challenge. I didn’t notice this until I unlocked two or three characters.

you didn’t finish reading my sentence " but I was forced to play certain amount of games (which I’m lucky because she’s unlocked early through level), or yesterday I was simply forced to play Rath, which is something that I don’t enjoy playing."

And command rank 40 will only take you, what 40 hours to unlock? It feels like leveling up has been slowed down since the beta…

I understand her frustrations, i would love to play deande, kleese and ghalt without having to do some solo story missions or random map choosing missions online (although i dont think you can do campaign missions on a harder difficulty to get ghalt can you?) but other then those characters you can unlock all the other characters by level 12 if you follow their unlock condition.