Unlocking Deande

I need help unlocking her please add me at WittyJ09
and Message me so we can Do Advanced

What platform are you on? I have a few guys who want help with this as well, it’s best with 2-3 players though there is a huge difficulty spike from 3 to 4 players so my suggestion is to do it with a small group. The same goes for The Renegade, The Archive, and The Saboteur, on advanced these missions are nearly impossible with 4-5 players.

If you have ISIC you can solo it easily.

I soloed with gal pal

Huh? I never tried them with less, they didn’t seem that hard, except for Archive, but that’s because we kept getting too far away from the bot killing people

You played The Saboteur on advanced with 5P on advanced and it didn’t seem that hard? Tell me your secret. The defense points do not scale with the increased difficulty of extra players, TELL ME YOUR SECRET!

We just stood up on the top structure and killed everything that showed up. We lost one life where our Montana got blown off the level and we couldn’t get to him in time, but other than that everyone was fine. Melee the start characters off the level to save time, the hardest part is how boring it is waiting on everything to finish up.

We did it last night for fun and to help boost character XP, I took Kleese, which made it almost ridiculously easy, by the time we got to the last part I had healy-chair, just put my shield network behind the pillar up there, and we just stood on the ledge being pretty much unkillable.

Had a Phoebe, Whiskey Foxtrot, Montana, and a Rath… but we really just grabbed them because they’re the ones we were leveling.

Nice job. Do you like Deande?

Love her! She’s my new main. I have this problem of wanting to go gal/rath and charge right in. She’s strong but squishy. She’s an assassin not a brawler. My biggest advice is play her as such

Thnx, I main her an love it. Her power to always fight when she wants is so good :slight_smile: .

Could anyone help with advanced heliophage to unlock deande? My psn is jcng3168.
Not sure if I should’ve made a new topic for it or not lol

No, that’s pretty much what the OP asked for so definitely on topic. I’d suggest using gal to solo. Otherwise best of luck with people

Sorry I’m on Xbone