Unlocking Guardian Rank - Coop?

Hey guys,

maybe someone knows the answer or experienced something similar:

We know played through the main story the first time on PT1 with a group of 3 and finished the last quest of if. But after that only on my screen the message to distribute a token for guardian rank appeared. On the screen of the others guardian rank was still disabled. Is it cause I´m the leader of the group?
Do they have to play all that main campaign quests on their own/ alone now to unlock guardian rank?


I am having the same problem. Have you had a fix yet?

Well, they just had to swap one time into a solo match and everything was alright. So no big issues here. But guess you already checked that meanwhile :wink:

I have same issue. Played as second player completed all story missions and can not unlock TVHM nor my Guardian rank points. I tried loading as Player one but it does nothing.

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Just fixed this by playing as player 1 and completing any mission. It started me on Chapter 2. I just played through first mission and when turned in I got message that TVHM and Guardian Ranks were unlocked. Thank God! :slight_smile: