Unlocking heros for beginner

I don’t have much time to play. Unfortunately that means I can’t get many heros unlocked. Would be great to have an options for beginners to play those heros as well.

You’re in luck, the winter update that comes out January 19th will have all 25 base characters unlooked.


oh, great news. Missed that :slight_smile:

Is that unlock permanently?

Yea. They are completely changing the experience for new players. Including a training mode and a PvP tutorial thing.

You can check out all the overview here: https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-battleborn-winter-update/

Here is more detail on the winter update from the stream a month back: https://www.twitch.tv/gearboxsoftware/v/106149596

The patch notes should be coming out by early next week.


Unless there’s some strange reason for them to revert the change. Base heroes will be unlocked once you complete the prologue, and the DLC heroes can be unlocked with 47500 credits, or a Hero Key (you’ll get five from the season pass.)

But, you’ll still get something for completing those character unlock challenges! Supposedly there will be new skins for the characters, should you complete their character unlock challenge (or have them completed already.)

Lots of other good stuff in the update, I can’t wait!

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