Unlocking Kleese - All silver medals on the same difficulty?

On normal, I have silver or gold medals on all missions except for the Heliophage.

On Advanced, I have a gold medal on Heliophage.

I don’t have access to Kleese yet, and I’m not sure if that’s a bug or if it’s somehow intended for all Silver medals to be from the same difficulty or something like that. Anyone else run into the same issue?

All Silver or higher on Normal unlocks Kleese. All Silver or higher on Advanced unlocks Ghalt.


As far as I am aware, hardcore difficulty applies to both Normal and Advanced. Meaning that you should be able to unlock Kleese even if you do all missions in hardcore normal.

Don’t take my word for it though, I stil haven’t done one of the missions in normal mode and unlocked Kleese by just leveling.

No, they don’t apply to both levels. You have to play through all levels on normal AND advanced. The challenge map tracks unlocks, and they are both tracked on normal and advanced maps separately.

That explains it then…I have a bronze on Heliophage Normal due to being only a two-player run. :unamused:

When my brother and I finished up to Saboteur on Advanced, I checked Kleese’s unlock and realized this. So we played Helio with a group on normal, to start the Kleese journey and practice for the advanced run. For some reason all the bosses spawned simultaneously rather than in pairs. I was the last one alive as miko with 8 health. So we did advanced as two Galileas, our go to for wrecking story mode. Failed. Boldur and Miko. Failed. 2 Boldur. Failed. Thorn and Marquis. Easy win. I just realized I’m rambling and off topic. I think their wording needs some help, it’s kinda confusing for people who don’t mercilessly analyze language.