Unlocking mercenary slicing winds is way too hard

Compared to every single other ability unlock for every other character, unlocking mercenaries slicing winds is by far harder, and I don’t think it was intentionally made that way but at this point its just purely frustrating. I don’t think the challenge itself, completing a prismatic trial as mercenary without taking any health damage, is a bad challenge in and of itself mind you. It’s a good challenge that rewards patience and skill with the character, however to have that be the challenge that unlocks a skill is completely unreasonable, as 99% of the time its pure luck that you get a run that’s even possible of completing that challenge. I have tried to complete this challenge the last 5 prismatic trials and every time it just seems to get worse. I do not believe a challenge to unlock a skill should be entirely reliant on chance, that takes the fun out of unlocking alternate abilities.

My suggestion to ROR2 devs would be to change the challenge that unlocks the ability of mercenary to something that is accomplishable at all times and doesn’t rely on getting a lucky seed, like what every other ability asks of you.

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