Unlocking op8 solo...the four assassin roadblock

In 10 runs with Maya solo I went from op1 to op7. And then there’s the all spawning at the same time assassins midway through unlocking op8. Is this even legitimately possible or do you just keep doing it until only two spawn at a time? Is there a strategy to this fight or more to the point, what’s the best way to just stay alive to have a chance? The last failed run I made I’d swear that one of the assassins had either a rocket launcher or really powerful Doc Mercy-esque grenades. Just insane. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

this may not be the best way but…
shoot 1 assasin then hide behind the pipe in the corner
until your shield and power restore…
throw grenades…
jump back out kill the next one…
i did it this way with all my characters exept salvador
(try to kill the one with the shield first)
it is not 100% safe but sometimes it works well
good luck

It’s a tradeoff for being able to gank the Surveyors easily, but Thoughtlock gives you some much needed breathing room in there (since they’ll be pummeling each other for periods of time).

Make sure you phaselock and kill the one with the fire axe first, as he will apply a DOT to you very quickly which can easily kill you. Check to see if Assassin Wot has spawned with a DOT gun. If he has, kill him next. After that kill Assassin Rouf as he usually spawns with a powerful weapon. Oney is last and remember he is resistant to explosives.

Well I guess it can be done. I recorded my last fail and figured out that if you stand behind the pipe - on the right as you enter the arena - you have cover from the other three and can beehawk the assassin in the back. From there run right and kill or more realistically get your revive off of the weakest assassin. Then it’s just spam quasars running around picking off the last two. Unfortunately though I died in the last part before the final boss. Blasted by one of those huge surveyors and then set on fire by a badass loader running away from said surveyor. Kinda pissed. But progress I guess. At least I’ll know what to expect next time I get there.

Thanks for the responses by the way.

The peak is cruelly hard, playing OP8 with OP7 gear is much, much easier than playing OP7 peak with OP7 gear. As one of my friends said, “It sure trains you well!” Hang in there, you’ll get it soon.

Well I finally unlocked op8. Huzzah! The funny part is that the one time I almost went down for good was after Saturn was dead and the horn signalling the end of the round went off, I started to move forward and Saturn’s missiles or whatever they are all of a sudden were exploding all around me and took me to within a thread of my life. That would not have been a good death. An important safety tip. Well anyways, on to the next character.

Contratulations! Who’s next? I personally think Maya has the easiest time through there, so heads up.

Thanks, I’m working on closing out the gunzerker. I’m at op7 currently.

Yeah, being able to phaselock one by one most of the op levels annoying enemies really speeds the run up and makes it relatively easy. The only time, other than the four assassins, where I was in trouble was the last part of the map before the wtf boss. Having two or three surveyors flying around zapping you in such a small area with nowhere to hide is tough.

It’s funny when you go down into ffyl in areas like that and you have to make a super quick decision on what to do to pick yourself up and salvage the run, nine times out of ten you chose right but you never remember those times. You only remember those rare times when you screw up. Dying to that last boss is brutal.