Unlocking the lore challenge: Spry Sprite Spray

I have some question regarding unlocking the lore challenge Spry Sprite Spray:
Kill 20 players with volley while airborne.

Do kills on enemies in “Versus Private” count towards this?
I think I tested it and it did not however I am not sure if this is because the kills did not register which is an issue I also appear to be having in “Versus Public” where sometimes I will kill someone while I am in the air via a jump and it will not count towards this achievement even though it says something about aerial kill in the kill remark.

Don’t think private games count. It’d be too easy to cheese if it did.

They don’t count, I just tested it. Also, the volley airborne kills can be stolen by blight if you’re using it during the kill. Very annoying lore challenge.

@ pamkhat
I had a similar experience testing it. Thanks for re-testing / verifying this.

Yea it’s a terrible lore challenge. I just decided that playing Thorn anymore would not be worth it since I’d likely need to spend 20 or so PvP games only farming this one challenge.

Tough to do, but if you love the character, you do it. I grinded for a bit, but I finally got it. And goddamn did it feel good when I did.

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It’s easily done in versus if you just keep in mind that that’s why your playing. And god damn, don’t you feel like a badass when you kill someone with an airborne volley!


These kinds of challenges are VERY annoying for people who don’t like PVP (like me)…

Are there any STORY MODE ONLY challenges for characters, Gearbox? No - I thought not… T_T

I mean, there are. Advanced Archive without dying.

Then you have ones like 500 Blight kills that are just way easier to do in story than in PvP.

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I suppose you’re right - I forgot about that one (ffs - I almost always fail The Archive in PUG’s on NORMAL difficulty - the Sentry gets SHREDDED so easily…).

…But there ARE far more PVP-specific ones than Story Mission ones. I think the only ones are those “Play a specific story mission map with additional challenge qualifiers.”, and only a few characters have em (they are always the center one in the lore menu as well, to unlock the character’s audio log).

I don’t count the “unlock character” ones as well, since Gearbox very thoughtfully added a Command Level unlock to all of em, so you do not HAVE to play Story Missions or PVP to unlock them if you don’t want to.

For example, I just finished unlocking Phoebe yesterday even though I’ve never played a single PVP mission (well, I did play ONE to try and get a couple of Thorn’s damn challenge done, but while I got quite a few kills and never stopped jumping, fate conspired to see that none of em were “Volley in the air” kills, so…).

Also, at least you CAN finish the Blight one in PVP (that one mode - Meltdown(?) shouldn’t be too bad for it, as there are a lot of “minion” NPC bots).

Nope. You need more than 20 and I’m still on 7/20 xD

This really wasn’t nearly as hard as I had expected. I tried out Thorn, and was able to complete this in 13 games, without really focusing on it much either. Also it was my first 13 games ever playing Thorn too. My tip for anyone struggling is basically to just always be bouncing around and if you see an enemy low you got to use Volley.