Unobtainable GOTY trophies

No matter what I do, I can’t get the “You call this archaeology?” trophy, although I already have all elemental artifacts obviously. Tried to change them, use different elementals with my skill, restarting the game solo and in coop - nothing helped. The other trophy I can’t get is “Pandora-dog Millionaire”, even though I’m already a multimillionaire… These two are the only ones that I got left to platinum. Playing on PS4 fat, all updates applied. Any help will be much appreciated!

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Was this a character created new on the remaster version, or was it imported from the original version of the game?

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New character, played the entire game and dlcs in local coop with my gf.

Go into your echo, locate the challenges list (cycle through on one of the tabs), and look under ‘The Rich get Richer’ challenge. What does it show your earnings as?

I’ve heard of the money achievement being glitchy in the original game as well. One way you might be able to trigger it is to trade high level gear with your gf and then sell it.

The artefact one I haven’t heard about glitching before. Are you in Pt.1 or Pt.2? You may need to start a new character and run it solo through to the first crystal harvest mission (although you can sometimes get artefacts dropping from Scar)

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Thanks for the quick response! The challenge tab showed me the problem - for some weird reason it displayed about $200. Fortunately, as I sold some of my unique items it quickly corrected the earning and the trophy popped up.

As for the artefact, that’s what I was afraid to hear :< We’ve already done both playthroughs, so starting a new character seems to be my only option…

I had the same issue. As I earned, let me say, 150 millions in the original game, transfered the save files, and I had the same amount of money, but in - in the challenge tab. So I had to sell stuff again until I hit the amount needed for the achievement. For the artifact, it worked fine for me as far as I can remember.

On the plus side, you get to try out someone different. If you want to get through the content reasonably quickly to get the achievement, I would suggest Lilith.

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