Unobtainable skins and heads

I have recently done the mission for the NOG mask and still have not recived it and i have read that there are some other skins and heads that are not able to be gained…i read that people who had not recived the NOG mask head should recive it in their mail but i have done the mission on both TWHM and normal mode and still no reward only the grenade mod NOG potion #9. this greatly annoyes me as this means that there are faults in the game and those faults lock some loot away


NOG Head is still bugged, and Maliwan head is probably bugged. I don’t know about skins, but I’m still missing eight for my Amara, so I guess some of them are bugged. And I think some vehicle skins are bugged too.

Ya heads have been bugged since day 1 patch 1.03 it broke alot of heads. So ppl on console mostly got heads since they didn’t patch right away and everyone on PC got dumped on. So alot of skins and trinkets are quest rewards and are still broken.