Unofficial Battleborn Discord server is live


I’ve created a server on Discord for the Battleborn game here. Everyone here is welcome to join. This is a community run Discord server and so is not in any way officially supported or affiliated with Gearbox Software or 2K at all. Even if they wanted to support us there are a lot of complications due to various legalities. Not too long after the servers creation we managed to gain enough followers to become a Discord Partner (I even got a super cool Discord hoodie for becoming partner).


For those new to Discord there are some helpful tips here in a little guide made by one of the server administrators. When joining the server the staff will need to know what system you are playing on so they can assign you roles that will then give you the permissions needed to use any of the channels outside of the #lobby channel. You also won’t be able to use an of the voice channels until roles are assigned. This is done so that we can limit spam from bots and trolls to the #lobby so that users in the core channels are not bothered. If you need any help from the staff with regards to getting roles assigned (or with regards to any other concerns you may have) just ping them using the @Staff Member command.

If you meet other people that you’d love to see join the server but don’t have access to the forums to copy the above link at the time we also have a Vanit URL (a bonus for becoming partner) that you can use to invite others to the server:

If there is anything you think I have forgotten to mention in this post feel free to quote this line and reply with whatever it is you think needs to be added to this post.

Update: With the latest Discord app update we now have custom emoji:

Logos emoji:

Character/Battleborn emoji:

Faction emoji:

Gear pack emoji:

Important community members emoji:
Props to @MentalMars @lowlines and @NatsumeRyu for being such supportive members of the community.

Lootpocalypse emoji:

Discord emoji:

Sadly there is a 50 emoji limit on Discord at the moment so there is only room to upload 2 more emoji leaving just enough room for the next 2 DLC characters before we hit the limit for custom emoji. Hopefully Discord will provide a way to upgrade and allow for more emoji soon enough.

@lowlines has also created a super awesome bot as mentioned here which lets everyone search his website here for all of the cool gear info.

Thanks everyone who has helped making this Discord and this community a great place.



I feel dirty

Why you make me do this?

I posted on reddit as well. I’m not very good at asking for this kind of stuff (I suck at selling/marketing myself) but I was hoping that some of you here might upvote my post here on reddit.

Edit: I should update this here and let everyone know that the Battleborn Discord has been added to the list of Battleborn related links at the right of the subreddit. There is no longer any need to upvote this post. I’d also love to thank the moderation staff of the subreddit for adding it (and more specifically van_bobbington).

It seems we had a bit of a problem with the roles and/or permissions and a few people were not able to chat in #general and it was read-only for them. Me and a few others have been noticing some strange behavior with roles lately and perhaps this is in some way related. At any rate I adjust a few of the settings for the roles/channels and I’m hoping this fixes whatever the problem was so people can talk again.

Edit: This was fixed quite a while back so I should probably make note of that.

Pinned. Just to keep the number of servers down…Assuming you have those issues resolved.

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Thanks PH. :slight_smile:

Hi what is really dedicated for?

Oh cool and yes I am going to play the game, it looks great Culver even done a topic that suggests something for Benedict, see you on April 8th if you are on ps4


Kind of curious. How is Discord when compared to Skype, Mumble or Teamspeak?
Also is it trustworthy? Haven’t really heard anything about Discord, but loads on Teamspeak and Skype.

I’m told it’s more secure than Skype. Unless you use Better Discord that is as I think it breaks a few thing. As for the quality it’s pretty damn good. There are occasional issues as i think they may be growing faster than they can keep up with at the moment as its popularity just kind of exploded.

Now that sounds awesome…but it it trustworthy >.>? Like not from shady people, or a never been heard before corporation/dev/what-have-you.

So far, I really like it. It completely blows Mumble and Teamspeak out of the water. As for Skype, I just find it very cumbersome in comparison to Discord.

So far I have greatly enjoyed Discord. Works great. Secure enough with all the permissions. Extremely user friendly. Though my one problem with it is the link-system. Clicking a link opens the web app which does not link to the desktop app unless you copy pasta. Kinda tedious but /picky.

334 members as of this post and we’re looking into applying for partnership.

Edit: And of course if you’re reading this post after my latest edit to the original post then you know that we did indeed get partner. :smiley:

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And we just applied. Wish us luck.

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Just joined and unable to text in general

You should be able to talk in #general as that is the channel I designated for everyone to talk in whether they’ve been assigned a role or not. I’d PM one of the active moderators and ask them to assign you the Battleborn role and see if that fixes the problem. Also let them know what system you will be playing on so they can assign you the correct role so you have access to the appropriate LFG channel.

I added the Discord server on so you can now direct people to the Discord server using which is a lot easier to remember than the original link (which still works).

Edit: The service was a great service to use when you needed an easy to remember link to share with other people so they can join, but Discord now has their very own Vanity URL for those who are partnered and the service isn’t 100% reliable as it frequently acts like the link has expired and won’t connect you to the server. I’d recommend using the URL in the original post instead.