Unofficial Battleplan 47a: 4/20/17

So, absent an official Battleplan with the new schedule, how about an unofficial one? :wink:

How about you tell the rest of us what your plans are for Battleborn this week - farming for some gear, levelling up a character, trying a new loadout idea, chilling with friends, … ?

Me, I intend to keep working on my current weekly challenge, and then just see what opportunities arise, I wouldn’t mind running some story missions for diamond rank if I can get some folks together though. (XB1 if anyone is interested.)

What about you? Post away @FlamesForAll!


I wouldn’t mind diamond mining. Send me an invite my GT is ClkwrkCuttlfish

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Don’t have much time in the evening and I don’t want to spend that waiting for a match, so I built my own Bots Battle (with blackjack and hookers):

Would be more fun with other people, but this way I can at least play 3-4 games instead of only 1 or 2. Also want to get back again into (non OPs) PvE, still missing a few diamond medals.


Heh. Nice idea.

I’m probably going to be grinding through the ops for credits and gear - been trying to crank down the total shard cost on my loadouts these days. And maybe dedicate a bit of time over the weekend to learning how to play Deande. Because reasons.


Im staying with my dad, helping him out 2 weeks of no battleborn, is driving me crazy!!

All i can do is watch YouTube videos of bb. @lequizachris is my bb video dealer. Thnk you you are my hero


There are only 2 things that are keeping me in Battleborn ever since studdugie stopped organizing 10 mans. And that is platinum and one legendary that I want to see if it is as, dare I say it, broken as it looks to be. I already bought Annihilation for Galilea 100% for free, and next is Impostor for Deande. But at this point, I don’t know if these carrots are worth it.

The skins


That’s funny, those were my top picks for a plat skin also and I just got enough and bought annihilation the other day!
What is the legendary gear you are talking about? There are a couple that I still don’t have after all this time. Voxis and comeback king are the big ones that I really want.


I was going to post a pic of the spanking you guys are gonna get but every image that returned was NSFW.
Oh the humanity!


I’m keeping it a secret. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get it and I don’t want it to become “popular” enough that it catches GBX’s attention, and they nerf it before I at least get to try it out.


I’d really like to try and finish mastering Shayne or keep practicing with Deande but I highly doubt I’ll get the time. If I don’t get to play Battleborn this week than that just means I’m working on other Battleborn things. :grin: Either way my week will be full of Battleborn!

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nice idea! so far I have two major targets for this and future weeks:

I propably will hoard more credits for the next lootpocalypse (~400k now), thinking about to get at least 500k until 3rd may.

practice with characters I did ignore since mastering, trying to get a grip on ghalt and caldarius to get more competitive with them.

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…I have 1.5 million credits, get Gbox to let us donate them and I’ll spread the wealth.


I’m on XB1 and I’d be down to help out with diamond ranks! Have all of mine already, but wouldn’t mind playing a certain role if you’re trying to run a well-rounded comp, or just to be an extra body.

I’m hoping to max out Shayne, Ernest, Oscar Mike and one other character whom I can’t recall atm. They’re all sitting at rank 17-19.

the camera pans to Ernest, reclining by the huge window on NOVA’s Observation Deck in a comfy-ass deck chair with a tall, frosty beer in one claw-hand and Betsy (his trusty grenade launcher / lifelong battle companion) in the other, a sun visor perched just beneath his spiky head crest feathers

ERNEST: NOOOO-VA! Pull up my itinerary for the upcomin’ week!

NOVA: Item 1: Try to avoid becoming “First Blood” as often in your combat simulations against the other Battleborn.

ERNEST: NOVA! Keep yer voice down, would ya? under his breath Check…

NOVA: Item 2: Fashion portable, unfolding, reclining chair apparatus for your Power Egg Thrower. Must include beer cooler and cup holder.

ERNEST glancing down at hastily drawn sketches on a cocktail napkin on the deck floor beside him : Check!

NOVA: Item 3: Recline in aforementioned chair apparatus while slowing wave after wave of Minions, Thralls, and fellow Battleborn while unloading “Betsy” down range.

ERNEST lovingly stroking Betsy : Check and DOUBLE check!

NOVA: Item 4: Remove Space Easter paint job from Power Egg and replace it with “badass flames and skulls”.

ERNEST: Gotta requisition some paint from that cheapskate Ghalt…

NOVA: Item 5: Remind Benedict and Toby to stop leaving empty kipper tins and pistachio shells all over the Firing Range.

ERNEST muttering angrily : Those lazy, unkempt, sacks off gullsh*t! If this were still the UPR, they’d be scrubbin’ space latrines with their own tail feathers for MONTHS! No good sonsabitches…

NOVA: Item 6: Polish Betsy lovingly thrice daily!

ERNEST: Done, done and DONE!

NOVA: End of itinerary. Will there be anything else Ernest?


Ernest is already deeply asleep on the deck chair, snoring loudly, the remains of his beer spilled onto the floor beside him, cradling Betsy as if it were his child. NOVA sends out a bot to gently place a blanket over Ernest and clean up his spilled beverage

@vaultHunter101 @handsomecam @nbrownlie237 @benedict_87


@Nemosis327 I’m still waiting for your battle plan to come out.


@crimsonregret55, @lemonheadjake - won’t be until Saturday or next week in all probability, but will definitely get on an give you a shout. Crimson, I already have you on my list - I think we’ve played together a few times before.


Nova… I ain’t got no ideas. Pick somethin’ for me.

Complete at least two more Kid Ultra lore challenges.


Whoops. It looks like Benedict’s about to permanently lose his internet privileges. And a virus seems poised to wipe out all of his videos, and selfies, and data, oh… if only a Magnus was around to stop it…

Nova… I hate you so g****mn much sometimes it’s unbelievable.

I’m helping.



I will not disappoint:D judge me pls



I am out of likes.

Please, take this.

the sound from the early Legend of Zelda games when Link picks up a heart piece chimes


Also, please clean up your pistachio shells from the firing range. One got caught in Mellka’s Pistol chamber the other day and caused a Venom Canister to almost HIT HER IN THE FACE.



I’ll have to try and run into you in quick match again so @dantesolar has something to watch. We got one pretty good Meltdown game earlier.