Unofficial Battleplan 47a: 4/20/17

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Damn you for making this thread come up on the hoe page, I read ‘Battleplan’ and got excited then realised it was this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know why but I have a strangely ominous feeling about the Battleplan today!

Hopefully we’ll get good, rather then bad or none, news!

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“It was as though dozens of voices cried out in pain and were suddenly silenced”





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Can I just say I said that BEFORE the battleplan…I’m sorry

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Alright. Finally put up the character that I was designing. Art Major powers, go!
Natch the Space Hobo
Haven’t taken the time to fully design a helix yet, but there’s a bio and a combat overview up along with a f***in’ sweet picture.

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Resurrecting this thread.

My plan for this weekend is…
Attempt to complete all Marquis lore and obtain all Marquis skins in private story ops.

This amongst… you know. Real life stuff.
Important… important… real life… stuff… mmmmmm…

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I’m still plodding my way through levelling up as much as possible. Got a few more characters to 20 but then realised that I still have a bunch that aren’t even at 15 yet. Currently working on Toby, Kelvin, and Kid Ultra. Toby is interesting: completely night and day experiences with him depending on who I end up teamed with, and what characters are on the other team. When I manage to get it together with the little guy, though, he’s a literal blast. Got stuck in a 1v3 situation, but got a kill with the nuclear option out of it. :boom:

Final match last night was a bots battle incursion that ended as a 3v5 where we ran the timer out - had one person leave very early, and another call for surrender then quit about 2/3rds through the match. I thought we might actually pull it off and nail the final sentry, but we probably needed another couple of minutes. Montana aim-bot is nasty. Oh, and double Kleese for double the pun.


Yes it is. I had a botmatch once with double Montana, double Kelvin and Alani. That was serious business in the cheating AI department …

Call for surrender in a bot match sounds sad. :frowning:

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It’s happened to me twice in the past week. Once very shortly before destroying the second sentry (<10 HP left), and the other night. I wondered if the one last night wasn’t simply someone who needed to go elsewhere, as the match had got strung out quite badly after the first player left? Still an odd thing to do, though.

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Completed ATR, TFR, OMVBS, and MDB.
Had to run through TFR twice because of stupid disconnects.
However, still managed to finish off all Marquis lore and get 8 out of 10 story ops skins for Marquis.

NEXT CHALLENGE - Finish Oscar Mike lore by firing off his weapon until I get the… however many rounds it is.

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Duct tape left-mouse all the way down

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Got KU to 15, Toby to 12. Also working on Thorn and Kelvin. Some of the lore is going to be a pain…

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I feel that. Went the whole 30 minutes.

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I accidentally randomly picked el dragon in QM earlier. They were low rank though (on both sides except for myself and one other on the opposing team) and I actually went positive and ranked him up and got a skin!

I still won’t pick him on purpose though.

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Why not? El Dragon is great!

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Ever watch on overly-ambitious El Dragon dragon splash into a blight field or (even better) an orbital strike zone? Most amusing.

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Define great. lol I’m kidding. He is alright for TDM but not much else as far as I can tell. Mostly just preference. I was suprised that I got a couple of kills with an ultimate as him in that match. I’m glad I had a little practice with him at least but he is my least played and is likely to remain that way. Here is the scoreboard if your interested.

I think most of my kill were on the attikus (poor guy). It was face off and I didn’t realize we were down a player until it was over. I just figured the pressure I was feeling was from me being el dragon. Probably both lol.

Edit: I just realized that I’m probably the best el dragon player those noobs have ever seen. That’s the second most hilarious thing I’ve experienced today next to seeing the deande boldur crossovers for the first time.

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Here endeth this thread (hopefully)…