Unofficial Community Patch Legendary Grenadier

Holy Smoly…

Been looking at this new mod Shadow put together…

And running through some builds I’d do with it

With Turret out and specced properly this mod will give Grenade Damage a possible 174% boost…and thats not even couting your BAR thrown in (mine is about 26% so I’d get a 200% boost!!)

That’s 174% folks! NOT counting your BAR!


And the extra grenade bonus not only apples to grenades! A TON of weapons, mostly Torgue get the Grenade Damage Bonus added to splash. The below post illuminates:

So your favorite Axton Guns like DPUH, Swordsplosion, Ravager, Ogre etc…are going to hit even HARDER and Fastballs are going to just demolish. I don’t even want to think about Meteor Showers…LOL

And since he has given bonuses to Sentry and Battlefront in this mod…the turret will stay out longer and hit harder AND give that extra grenade bonus longer.

Here is a build I will try which also gives me an additional 70% gun damage if I go into FFYL.

And this for a Dual Slagging Turret Monster with slightly less grenade damage and gun damage potential.

I’m wondering if Plasma Casters don’t reassume the SMG of choice on Axton with this mod?


The WTF shield IEDs get grenade damage… I think this’ll be my next foray onto Pandora next week: WTF shield with the Legendary Grenadier COM. :metal: