Unofficial Community Patch Thread

EDIT/UPDATE: 7/3/2017 We are now at Version 3.1 of this wonderful effort! Over 270 fabulous changes and additions to this game! Here is the patch itself along with an offline version of the patch:

Credit and THANKS go to: @shadowevil1996 @adudney @the_Nocturni @Davespineapple @Aaron0000 @Kooby

And Shadow wants to personally thank all the community members for their continued feedback and support!

Video Here:

YOU MUST Hex Edit your BL2.exe to get the console enabled…it’s easy, don’t worry but absolutely make certain you save a clean copy of your BL2.exe and DISABLE ANY AV to include and especially Windows Defender BEFORE Hex Editing, You can re-enble your AV stuff after install and a reboot so everything will be back to normal. Directions for Hex Editing Here: Go to the 1:50 mark of the video for the Hex Editing tutorial:

Combined 3 versions of the patch Changelog is here thanks to: @Kooby

Additional 30 Changes in Patch 3.1 here:

And here’s a sweet little program that lets you enable/disable any part of the UCP AND as of ver 2.0 will do the Hex Editing for you without having to edit the code directly courtesy of @LightChaosman Great concept and totally easy. Perfect for those that “don’t like this buff” or “don’t like that change,” Set the patch to run the way YOU want!

Beginning of original post: I have run this by the mods to insure we are OK with this. They have agreed as long as we:

  1. Discuss patch as a PC only patch (unfortunately, discussing it as a console patch breaks ToS with Microsoft and Sony)

  2. Realize TOTALLY that GB had NOTHING to do with this effort and take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER

  3. Comments are to provide KNOWLEDGE, HELP and INPUT of any problems and SUGGESTIONS to the authors for improvement.

  4. We keep this professional…comments like “this sucks for console owners” are meaningless, the situation is what it is.

  5. As in all patches of this nature, the author takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage you do to your game. I have experienced ZERO PROBLEMS of any sort, but the old truism is in effect. BACK UP!

OK, with that in mind, I have already mentioned the locations of the proper files above.

It takes just a wee bit of patience to install it but once done you have the OPTION to play with the patch active or totally normal gameplay. It does not harm game files in any fashion from my testing and I applaud the effort! It is REALLY QUITE CLEVER. The Author (shadowevil…a.k.a. Craig) has done a VERY careful job of ENHANCING the game and not breaking it with a bunch of OP Evil Smasher like crap. He has made 100 changes. Things like making the Bearcat actually a decent weapon and buffing the Cobra so it can hang at the games highest levels. Some mods are adjusted slightly dropping terrible skills and adding those skills we always dreamed of. Has he made anything OP? Not so far from the little I have tested. Has he made MUCH of the stuff we all complained about for years disappear? YES! The patch adds VARIETY to the game…builds can change…weapons can change AND still be effective at OP8. One of the author’s main themes was to improve Pearls and Seraphs to the point that you would WANT these items of equipment…true rewards!!

The author says he plans to continue to refine and add some additional changes and asks for input. This is a great opportunity to provide!

Have at it Ladies and Gentleman.


I’m glad you’ve taken the initiative to post this John. It’s so close to being a dubious topic for this forum - it’s good that it’s being accepted.

I’m on the fence with this. I like most of the individual patches although some seem unnecessary. ( Is it coincidence that some of the specific buffs were amongst those suggested in a recent Pearl thread? ) I would participate but I’m not into mucking with files anymore despite the relative ease and safety - and that I only play solo.

I shall await further reports. Who knows - maybe this thread will legitimize the patch and make them a hot fix? Unlikely but possible.


Jakobs firepower has increased by a rather hefty margin, plus a few items have been replaced (Tidal Wave has been replaced with the TPS Flayer) and overall the company feels a lot more powerful. Borderline one-shotting brutes on Maya at OP8 with the Elephant Gun. Most of the firearms that needed some help have received said help, and my beloved Unforgiven is now a pocket-Buffalo.

My only real complaint is the Legendary Pointman being converted to the Legendary Grenadier, but it is safe to say I am the only that really uses the Legendary Pointman COM.



The beauty of this patch…at least to me…is the ease of loading it…or not…and harms nothing. It really seems totally safe to me. And no gibbed or CE is a big draw for me.

I think this will also reopen the Raid Time Trials with an additional section for PC using patch while all other sections remain the same. And add another source for information on how to defeat raids.

And I think it will reignite some excitement and interest in the overall Borderlands franchise. (Good for fans, good for GB)…And it certainly adds some additional variety.

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Ha…you sir ar a glutton for punishment!

Pointman was really only ever used by “Necro” style builds or the white Turtle/Pointman unkillable build/

I think the Grenadier will be MUCH higher used…I mean that grenade damage and Fast Balls…WOW…not to mention the boosts to normal explosive gun damage because of grenade damage splash boosts.

That mod will see some USE methinks!

My Leatherneck build is centered around it and it does fairly well in OP0…OP8 it is pretty much useless.


Ayy, I’m glad to see this be up in the forums, will help me collect feedback better!

Also, it’s not Shadowlawn xD


And that is what I TRULY like about this patch…stuff/modes/weapns/gear/builds that worked and wer fun as heck at lower levels get totally broken at OP8.

I think this will help solve that a bit.

It makes sense that as the game gets harder, it gets more specific on gear. But OP8 made that an EXTREMELY sharp curve.Too sharp!

Ha…sorry bud…Shadowevil it is…Fixed!

I’m an old guy…don’t read so good anymore…

Agreed, and speaking of changes.

@shadowevil1996 are you considering taking a crack at the character skills themselves or are those too much of a hassle?

Yeah, that’s the plan, I just have to fully figure it out. Just planning out on how I’m gonna do the next patch just so I don’t screw it up lol

I can give some suggestions concerning some skills if ya want.

Tracking this for sure. Can already say that there are a few changes I disagree with, dispite not beign able to use this patch. But @shadowevil1996 knows that already, why I’ll be working on my own variant of the patch in the future.

PS: make the Rose a possibility.

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Yeah sure dude, go ahead and I’ll note it down.

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What’s the extent to which you can change stuff? Is it just numbers, or can you actually add in new content?

I can change definitions of stuff, I’m trying to see if I can’t really add new things. Console is fairly limited but so far, the only thing that might be new is changing the texture definitions with each other and have them fit. Some guns look so different with other textures, you don’t even recognize them lol


Alrighty then.


Laser Sight: I am thinking either turret turn speed (to engage enemies faster) or increasing the rate of fire of the Sabre Turret by X amount of percentage. As of right now it is probably the most worthless skill in all three of his trees.

Crisis Management: Personally I feel the melee damage should be converted to damage reduction as melee is obsolete for Axton in the OP levels while damage reduction MIGHT help him out a bit, that or have it affect explosive/grenade damage, though I am leaning towards damage reduction as when mixed with Grit it can potentially be a life saver.

Grenadier: A small buff to grenade damage, possibly 1-2% per rank, to make the skill a bit more appealing.

Impact: I believe changing the melee damage bonus to explosive damage bonus would do Axton wonders. He simply does not have the melee buffs to make whacking enemies worth the effort in UVHM and beyond.

Overload: Might be overkill but having the passive applying its effect to all weapons could potentially make the skill more appealing.

Duty Calls: Turning the non-elemental damage multiplicative and/or converting the fire rate into critical damage. Metal Storm already deals with fire rate in my opinion.

Ranger: Bump it up to 2% per rank. As of right now it is not worth considering without a Ranger COM.

Nuke: I am not familiar with this skill to give a solid number but increasing its damage by 50-100% sounds about the right for me to give it that extra oomph in the higher levels of play.

Phalanx: I am not sure how to go about making a suggestion other than simply asking for you to make the shield more durable than wet tissue paper. Right now it can barely survive a strong breeze before falling. The shield is only good for body blocking melee oriented enemies and blocking certain attacks such as Hyperious’ shockwave.

Salvador (oh boy):

Oh where to begin, I guess I’ll beat on the elephant in the room that is Salvador’s Brawn tree.

Hard to Kill: Double the stats at the very least to bring it up to 40% health and 1% healing with five points.

I’m the Juggernaut: Either have it to where it kicks in while he is moving or increase it from 4% per rank to 6-8% for up to 30-40% damage reduction.

Asbestos: Either 2-3% per rank extra health or 4-5% damage reduction per rank. As it is Asbestos is slightly inferior to Axton’s Forbearance, who is a character that is not in the thick of it like Salvador is supposed to be.

Ain’t Got Time To Bleed: I think this skill needs to be tied in with shields rather than health to be of any use unless you were to double the numbers, and I am not even sure doubling the numbers would save the skill.

Just Got Real: I recommend tying it in with shields. By the time Salvador is low enough health to take advantage of the buff he is going to be borderline dead unless the numbers are inflated by quite a bit.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus: If you can and believe it is a good idea, I would increase the value to .6% per rank and throw in 2-6% per rank damage reduction for the duration.

Come at Me, Bro: If you can tie this into the melee override rather than keeping it tied with Gunzerk it would vastly improve the skill.

I’m Your Huckleberry, Divergence is Likeness, and All I Need is One(not sure about the last one): Currently they do not affect offhand weaponry, I suggest seeing about changing that.


Sub-Sequence: Possibly increasing the speed of the orbs that spawn after killing an enemy afflicted with Phaselock.

Fleet: I am not sure how to go about doing it but having it to where Phaselock recharges faster in addition to the move speed bonus may make the skill more attractive. That or throw in damage reduction like what I suggested for Crisis Management.

Sweet Release: If possible I suggest increasing the travel speed of the healing orbs, they are quite slow.

Restoration: Instead of healing allies by directly shooting at them, have the skill heal them for the damage the Maya player inflicts upon enemies.

Recompense: Instead of equal damage tweak the numbers to where it deals double or even triple the damage that Maya receives.

Flicker: I suggest having to where it also increase elemental damage by 2-4% rank in addition to the 6% chance to inflict an elemental effect on an enemy.

Blight Phoenix: My suggestion is to completely overhaul the skill. Instead of having it create an area effect, have it increase the damage of fire and corrosive DoTs by 5-10% per rank.


Bloody Revival: Much like Axton’s Overload I feel if this were to affect all guns it would be more tempting of a pick.

Pull the Pin and Light the Fuse: I don’t know if you can or not but my suggestion is to switch these two out. Have Pull the Pin increase the final blast of Light the Fuse by 50-100% damage.

Strip the Flesh: My suggestion is to increase the FFYL bonus for an addition 3% to an addition 8% to make it more worthwhile to use, possibly higher for the OP levels.

Salt the Wound: My suggestion is to either increase the time before the buff disappears or directly tie it into Krieg’s shields. So long as his shield is down the stacks remain. Not sure how else to remedy the issue of the stacks disappearing so quickly.

That is all I can think of right now without possibly talking out of my rear about skills I have no clue about.


Well thought out…thanks!

Laser sight I think would be easy…just make the accuracy bonus apply to ALL weps like Precision does on Zer0

Makes it a consideration with Axton and Torgue or Bandit Weps

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Guys…I’ve been thinking about this and I propose we try to concentrate on THE PATCH and what Craig has actually produced…at least for now.

I think we could get easily derailed here if we go into skills…so let’s put that off at least until Craig has figured out how to modify them and if it’s even possible.

If you have suggestions for skills perhaps we start separate threads in each of the Character sub-forums where the ideas can be discussed separately

Titles of each thread could be…

“How can we make Zer0 (or Axton or whatever charecter) better by patches to their skill trees”…something like that.

I worry that skill tree patching is going to be a LOT more intense and time consuming.

We have something NOW that improves the game…at least it does to me…and I think the immediate effort should be checking the changes to insure efficacy and reporting anything broken that appears obvious.

I don’t want to seem like a thread Nazi…but that’s how it seems to me.


Craig…sorry to report but the change to the Shock Trooper Mod on Axton replacing Electrocute Damage with an increase to Fire Rate…is definitely not working.

The mod is not giving a FR boost at all.

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