Unofficial Community Patch Thread

I gotta tell you I just LOVE the patch!

NUKE is sooooo much fun now (and I NEVER used it before the patch) and a decked out Double Turret Build is POWERFUL now!

Sooooo many more options and totally succesful at OP8.

Soloed the Magic Slaughter with a Nuke Gunpowder heavy build.

Turned around and di it with a Double Up/Gemini two turret build.

And honestly can’t decide which I liked better!

Now…don’t get me wrong…they weren’t cake walks. I died a BUNCH of times and failed 5 times each build before I finally won.

Buuuut compared with the last time I soloed the Magic Slaughter as Axton Pre Patch OP 8 …well…that only took me two straight weeks and 73 tries…LOL

I like the new way better…:dukeaffirmative:


Magic Circle Of Slaughter is hands down the worst map in Borderlands 2. You should test out builds in Hyperion Slaughter Dome, way more fun.

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I agree, but I disagree at the same time.

As far as maps go I agree, it’s very constrained, flat and uninteresting…and has the artificial terrain addition of the traps (which I absolutely hate BTW).

But for just pure difficulty, I think it is a very challenging test for effectiveness of a build and It truly forces you into deciding whether you want to go to heavy defense or heavy offense as there is no way a middle of the road build will be successful in that fight…at least for me.

It also exposes you to a large and varied type of enemies which require different element matching and equipment for max effectiveness. And the damage, protection, and ammo shrines do add a different effect to planning and tactics. On the flipside, ammo is not an issue in that fight so it’s a terrible map to see how ammo efficient a build is.

The Hyperion Slaughter is also my favorite map. Soooo challenging! And ammo constraints are REAL in that map. But I would argue that this map is far more armor oriented and easier to equip and plan for.

Both hard as hell for a solo Axton…And I love them!!


Yeah, the variety of enemies I would have enjoyed, if it weren’t for the lame map design, and the abundance of traps and death traps. Ammo was never an issue for me in the Hyperion Slaughter. Although, I don’t play OP8, so maybe that’s why xD .

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Ammo’s not a HUGE issue in the Hyperion one, as long as you don’t:

  • rely solely on one weapon or weapon type, or
  • use only shotguns and/or sniper rifles

If you at least rotate in a pistol here and there, and you’re not maining a Ravager or the like, you should be fine even at OP8. Worst case, you DO start running short a particular type of ammo, and enemies start dropping rescue ammo. I’ve had that happen when draining SR ammo from a Pimpernel from a dug-in position somewhere to get through part of a wave.

BL2 really is designed to keep you from running out of ammo; all that phat loot is no good if you can’t use it.

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Maybe I’m just too trigger happy…or too aggressive.

But my last Round 5 win I was:

Pistol ammo 0

Shotgun ammo 22

Sniper ammo 0

SMG ammo 400 approx

AR Ammo 0

Rockets 6

And I have tried that round Max Explosive and Max Corrosive and either way I flat get darn close to “ammo count black” on virtually everything.

The run before my last where I went almost all explosive… I killed the last constructer with only 3 Rockets left. And I mean that was it. I literally only had three Rockets left in my entire ammo pool.

I might of finised with a bit more if I could have run through the tracks of the dead bots in the last wave of that fight but I was kinda busy at the time LOL. It gets pretty hectic in that last wave.

Dang, man! I’ve never come anywhere CLOSE to that short on ammo there. They just keep on dropping ammo as I get low, and I’m all, “Thanks mang!”

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So the Unofficial Community Patch was updated to 3.1 today.

Thought I’d throw some images of the reskinned weapons here (made by yours truly);

(Cobra isn’t actually Legendary in the Patch, ignore that.)

There was a reskin of the Hawkeye as well, for those who are curious, but Shadow believed the Hawkeye was fine as it is. Although for those who want to know what it would look like;


Wait, did the Contraband Skyrocket not scale past 72?

Also - what do the changes to the amp shields do? It’s not covered/mentioned in the video, but is shown in the notes.

Dunno about the Amp shield …I do know Orudeon was working on some Amp shield changes…will ask him and see if he knows.

EDIT: Got the answer. “Better rarity and parts were not reducing the amp drain correctly…there was almost no difference.”


Got this from @the_Nocturni

And @Aaron0000 said the Contraband Skyrocket stopped scaling at 72 but that has now been fixed.

Oh man, the Contraband Skyrocket already hit pretty freakin’ hard (though I’m at OP3, so less of an apparent nerf to the denizens of OP8).

I’m not sure how many other players use regular amp shields (and I only use one, which is the best I’ve found so far). Still, I’ll see what it’s like.

I have just started playing on PC and have finally gotten the patch working on linux, I have some requests if they are possible:

  • A Header to the txt that can be modified to turn various features on an off (For example, I hate the Lucrative Opportunity change)

    • Ability to set “player count” in Header, as not everyone is playing on Windows and has access to the slider. (wouldn’t really set player count, would instead modify spawn chances, world drop chances, etc.)

    • Ability to fully turn off skin and head drops in the Header.

    • Ability to invert run and walk speed in header (holding shift is annoying)

  • Minor Ammo Regen added to each character or their legendary class mods.

  • Black Market Backpack and Bank upgrades scale exponentially rather than linearly.

  • Swordsplosion added to someone’s loot pool.

  • A Tutorial put together to instruct people how to modify things themselves (I haven’t been able to find one…)

you can use the filter tool to turn off features
the link to it is in the 3.1 video

as for most of the other changes(other than the SWORDSPLOSION!!! one), I feel its not UCP material
especially the skin/head drops and ammo regen

p.s. you dont need to hold shift, you can let go of it once you start sprinting

p.s.2. just curious, why do you hate the Lucrative Opportunity? I get it if you dont like movement speed being on it, but I’ve never seen someone whod want a shop timer relic
so its still probably better than the vanilla one

[quote=“the_Nocturni, post:1039, topic:1557735, full:true”]
you can use the filter tool to turn off features
the link to it is in the 3.1 video [/quote]

3.1 is out??? I just got 3 working! Lol. preempted!

I’d like ammo regen, at least on the COMs. Like swapping the “Team BLAH BLAH” with Ammo regen. it would help Solo players. Or it there was the tutorial I mentioned I could just go do it myself (I’ve already monkeyed with some things…).

The reason I mention skins and heads is that I don’t really care about them, I get so annoyed when someone drops a skin or head rather than gear. It would be nice if the option to turn them off was in the patch, even if it wasn’t inherently active (as I know some love them).

Mine is glitchy, probably my shift key then it pops off when I turn. Still would be useful. I wish there was a “Toggle Sprint” option in the menu options.

I like it for Torgue Farming (When I was on 360). Instead of repeatedly quitting the game I can cycle through some of the machines. Also gives me a better chance to farm the Cobra as I run through part of the Beatdown. Granted I haven’t started Torgue Farming on PC yet, so it may be faster to quit/reload.

ah but if youre on pc its just much better to quit/reload

also what do you mean by ‘Also gives me a better chance to farm the Cobra as I run through part of the Beatdown.’?
lucrative opportuniyy doesnt increase the drop chance of Cobra after all

and as for the changes I said didnt feel UCP, I dont think theyre bad ideas, I just think theyd fit a custom mod better, not to mention itd be a huge amount of work to do some of those things(like removing cosmetics from the pools)

Cobra only drops from Burners, so when I do a Torgue machine run I start in Moxxi’s bar, with LO equipped. I check the machine. Fast travel to Beatdown, check the machine then kill my way to PP’s bar. I check the machine here, then do a round or two of BRB and exit through PP’s arena (snagging chest on the way). Usually the Beatdown machine will have reset, so I check it again. Then FT to Moxxi’s and check that machine.

I totally agree, but I’ve been looking around for some sort of info on how to make my own mods and I can’t find it. I would gladly put the work into it, this is why I wanted the tutorial, or even pointed in the right direction. Since that hasn’t happened I’m relegated to requesting the changes I’d like to see.

Is the patch on mac yet. And if so how would you enable full console commands.

Tried the enemy enhancer mod and the enemies were only dropping blue and purple shields with the occasional green weapon sprinkled in. Bug?

There was some discussion on porting to the Mac and I believe the team decided they didn’t have the ability to do it.

So, unfortunately, the patch is just PC specific.

Not sure if Boot Camp could be an alternative but it’s a thought.

And I do know someone who got it functional on linux.

IIRC…that was the enhancement…blues and occasional purples instead of whites and greens. I don’t think it was meant to give out more than that but this is just off my memory so I could be wrong.