Unofficial Community Patch Thread

That Gaige one was made last year by someone who just threw buffs all over the place for every character. No offense towards them but I wouldn’t use that as reference.

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Just posted there, didnt notice the date.
Guess Im going to create a new one so.

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OK guys…start a new one on Gaige and I will fix the post. I know Zip about Gaige…

Sure…Anybody who will put some thought into it and try to balance ideas is fine with me. Give em a ring Tokesy…see if they are interested.

Soldier Logic:
Anybody willing to lead threads on Gaige and Krieg
Better than
No one willing to lead threads on Gaige and Krieg


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I’ll be moving mu suggestions for Gaige’s fixes to its own topic now.



@shadowevil1996 Is it possible to allow the Leech to spawn with the slag element? And what about allowing the impaler to spawn with any element, including slag?

[quote=“nuK3, post:347, topic:1557735”]allowing the impaler to spawn with any element, including slag?[/quote]If you could turn off the bullet reflection and damage reduction from the Antagonist, you’d be pretty close (if setting the Impaler to slag doesn’t work).

Fixed my post and added yours for Gaige.

Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring! :dukeaffirmative:

I am also glad you can get @pokapoka thoughts on improvements!


My knowledge about the Mechro wouldn’t be at this point today if it weren’t for Poka.

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I will go you one further…

My knowledge about the entire GAME wouldn’t be at this point today if it weren’t for Poka.

Great player and a good guy!


I’m so sorry, I thought I would make a new post on this thread. Sorry, but this is the first time I’ve posted anything on a forum like this before! Sorry!

Well, that’s a risk you take when doing what you did… I’m not judging, just saying. Also, you might wanna read the forum rules before posting. I know you’re new here and all, but we’re not allowed to discuss third party modding software and save editing tools around here, this being the official Gearbox forums and all. I’m afraid no one here will be able to help you with that.

So now that Jakobs bolt-action snipers are amazing, could we make the Godfinger a bolt-action again? @shadowevil1996

Also, I think Torgue-barrel ARs could use an all-round buff.

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As long as you kept a clean copy of your Borderlands2.exe…as my original post on this thread stressed…you will be fine…don’t worry.

I sent you a PM.

We can discuss fixing your game via PM. It’s just not appropriate here.

Would it be possible to increase the max ammo capacity by adding more SDUs? Or just increasing the ammount of max ammo each SDU gives you? I’m just sick of the low reserve ammo, and the stupid cost of rocket ammo

What do you suggest?

Top tier ammo upgrades give double the amoubt of max ammo capacity that thay used to, and the backpack upgrade gets triple storage capacity. The backpac may be slught overkill, but I love farming raid bosses for loot

Hmm, sadly there are limitations on that. (The backpack part)

So I’ve tested recently more of the Patch changes and I’ve got questions/suggestions about them :

  • Can Unforgiven have much faster accuracy recovery while hip firing? Because this weapon its only useful when you ADS. I think it would be cool to land crit shots much easier with hip fire like true Revolverov.
  • Can we have also shield boosters auto pickup? Like it is with Eridium and Seraph Crystals? Because if there is no WTF shield anymore then only useful booster shield is Big Boom Blaster(actually it always was the only useful booster shield,but whatev).
  • Is it possible to make Cradle shield to drop grenade what you have actually equipped, when the shield becomes depleted? Something similar to Krieg’s Pull the Pin Skill(I know this shield was replaced for Big Thumprr, but maybe replace it with Pot O’Gold shield then)
  • Impaler shield is still feel kinda weak. If there is a option to increase dots numbers like with Wanderlust I think it will work very well.
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