Unofficial Community Patch Thread

Torrent, compared to the Emperor has (I’ll jsut list all major diffirences for convenience sake):
-Double the firerate,
-No delay between bursts (which I do want to see on the Emperor),
-Sight_None requirement,

  • (speculation) more recoil reduction, which I’m not entirely sure on.

What I do want to change on the Emperor:
-Ditch the firerate penalty, so it should be the same as a Fox,
-Give it the same nullified burst delay.

It’s kind of a middle ground between the 2, but it should make it more easier to handle, without completely losing its original intention.

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Hip firing the Emperor? :acmbarf:
Really? I’ll give that a spin, but… eww. Am I missing something?

I’ve only nerfed a single piece of equipment: the Bee. I like the concept of the glass cannon, but I don’t think it’s fragile enough given the insane damage output. I found the balance I like with one seven levels too low (68): it’s paper thin at OP3 and hits just right (not hard enough to be a game breaker, not harder than my best regular Amp shield, but not so soft that it’s not worth the risk of wearing it either). If I was going to nerf it in the patch, I would try to give it a minimum default recharge delay of 12 seconds (enough for slag and kill skills to wear off). It should hurt to get hit at all for free damage. Characters are at liberty to help that with their skills/equipment selections, but then there’s a tradeoff, and away we go.

I was considering nerfing my Unkempt Harold, but I just went and bought one with lousy parts, and I save it for big game.

edit - Hip firing the Emperor as an assault rifle analogue works if you’re trying to emulate a Bandit version… lousy accuracy and low fire rate. My corrosive Bearcat at the same level hits harder than the Emperor (crits notwithstanding). I’m genuinely interested in hearing how this works in combat though.

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I hipfire it as Krieg, but as Gaige I always use the sight.

No…I really think…at least to me…that this is about an overall UVHM patch…levels 50 - 80

Cuz really…up to 50 you could make virtually anything work…

UVHM changed that sharply.

And the point got even sharper at 72

by 80 the list of really usesable gear had shrunk to precious few…which seriously hurt game variety…and FUN level.

I think Craig’s patch helps address this problem quite nicely.

But thats just me and what do I know.

Vladoff Blasters useable again at Level 80??? I am salivating already…LOL

Krieg: what element (and are you using it with some skill that I’m not familiar with)?

This I do miss. When the cap was 50 I had Gaige using a nice Vladof Blaster.

My old Mania/Hellborn build, albeit now on op4, let me dig it up in a bit.
Fire, flying prefixed (which every unpatched Emperor should).

Edit, here it is:

I didn’t test all of the gears from the patch but the Storm is a beast with Gaige, it’s fun to see the DoTs overpowers the enemies’ health regen.

I haven’t test the Chulainn from the patch and I wonder how does it perform with the Florentine? Are they equal or one gun overpowers another?

And I hope it is possible to use the console commands to change the weapon skins like Unforgiven having the Bekah/ Godfinger skin and Storm with the Wanderlust skin.

Right now, I’m giving pearlecents a new look. We figured out how to completely modify textures without the need of an external tool, just console commands.This is an example of what we can do, and this was done COMPLETELY using console, didn’t implement any textures, and it has a red glow to it. (Credit goes to Davespineapple for discovering it)


On the Emperor vs Torrent: the Emperor has a really accurate burst, even with Anarchy penaltys.
I didnt play TPS enough to get and use a Torrent, but It seems (for what I could see) like a Vladof SMG.
The use seems like linda diferent, where one you burst the target crit spot where the other you just keep hipfiring like an automatic gun.

May be wrong, but seems like it to me.


I haven’t given this a try yet (I will at some point) but here’s a couple of thoughts. I already mentioned them elsewhere but since this thread is for the patch I’ll say them again.

Changing Legendary Sniper to not boost Kill C0nfirmed is not ok in my opinion. That COM is seriously the only reason to put points into Kill C0nfirmed and now that would be gone. I’d like to see this change reverted and Kill C0nfirmed given a buff instead. What kind of a buff, I’m not sure. More crit damage? Change it to gun damage? Add some gun damage on top of the crit boost?

While we are talking Zer0’s skills I’d like to see a small damage buff on Unf0reseen. About 20 % should make it a lot more viable in UVHM and OP levels.

The notes say “24. Made The ChereAmie usable.” How? I haven’t tried this patch yet, like I said, but I’m really interested in hearing more about this before I’m going to farm one.

I don’t agree with some of the loot drop changes. It’s GREAT that items not in lootpools are added to them and adding Heartbreaker to Blue and Love Thumper to Henry makes sense because of the quests. The problem is that Blue still shoots his loot into unobtainable places and Henry has a bloated lootpool with heads in there. Nisha and Wilhelm already have a couple of drops so why not put those grenades to, say, Badmaw and Mad Mike instead? Or is that not possible since they don’t have an assigned loot pool to begin with?

How about adding Grog Nozzle to the Golden Golem’s loot pool?

Overall great work and I’ll be sure to give this a try at some point.

Fast Hands is a far better boost than Kill C0nfirmed, which is a pretty poor skill to begin with. Trying to utilize the skill’s full potential (which isn’t much) will be at the expense of Zer0’s other more powerful skills like Decepti0n, CA and kill skills. While Fast Hands does not add any damage, the increase in passive reload and swap speed is crucial for One shot sniping. Its also pretty useful for CA based builds, reducing the reload downtime and allowing them to utilize OSOK on top of the CA damage.

Ideally of course, the skill to buff for the sniper com should be At 0ne with a Gun. However, Fast Hands benefits all guns and is useful for those intending to use the com for their Jakobs shotties.

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Well, I did explain some of them in my video. I do hold the mistake of not making clear notes. I just increased the healing rate, changed it to Maliwan barrel and increased the damage.

And to the legendary sniper one, I’m speaking from experience here but I never found use for it, I’m reworking some of the skills in the future so there will be a change to that in the future

The short answer is engine limitations of what we’re working with here. Most of the people who drop nothing have no lootpools and they only load when the map is loaded so we can’t give them one either. With DLC it’s even harder since their lootpools is locked away too. I’m 100% aware of how much people wanted the Gold Golem to drop the grog but yeah. Had to choose people with existing lootpools. It’s still mostly good because at least they’re farmable.

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Looking through patch.txt, it seems like it would be fairly easy to remove things I don’t want (I already have the weapon ecology perfectly balanced for me, for example). Here’s what I’ll be attempting to remove:

  • Blood of Terramorphous relic buff
  • WTF shield replacement
  • Hoplite changes (I do want to see what the new Cracked Sash is like though)
  • Legendary Sniper COM changes
  • All Weapon buffs with the following exceptions:
  • Bearcat ammo reduction
  • Longbow and Deadly Bloom rarity fixes (curious to see what that looks like on the card)
  • Patriot buffs (I’ll leave it in its current role as bladed slagger, but will see what these changes are like along those lines first)
  • Chulainn de-self-slagging
  • Tidal Wave replacement with the Flayer (want to see what that’s like)
  • Emperor replacement with the Torrent

I also just realized the changes to the Specialist COM to work with shotguns instead of SMGs: nice!
I am considering leaving the bullet speed reduction for the Godfinger, but increasing it a bit from your reduction; can you tell me what its original value was?

Original value was 38000 iirc. And hey man it’s your game, play however you want. That’s the cool thing about the flexibility :smiley:

It works! Seriously, thanks man. :thumbsup:

Where can we hear about changes you make to this as you figure more things out and update patch.txt accordingly? If I like one of the upcoming changes, I should be able to include just that in my current patch.txt.

First thing I noticed: the Chulainn sprays slag Physx particles when you hammer a target with it. I don’t think I ever noticed that because I used it so infrequently before, so this will definitely be taking over for my Florentine for that reason alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The Florentine hits harder (which it should for double the ammo consumption and higher rarity (Seraph notwithstanding; it’s E-Tech), so I’ll save that for unique killing situations.

I’ll announce them right here. One should come in 2 weeks, we are giving a lot of pearls some life in gun skins since we have an artist who knows what he’s doing helping us. And I’ll do skill chnages and hell, even include the grog in the gold golems loot pool. It’ll probably be another 100 changes since I clearly made mistakes in some regards.


It is a poor skill. That’s why I suggested to buff it. Sniper reloads with 5/5 in Fast hands and AOWTG are already very fast. A change in Kill Confirmed would be a lot more interesting than just swapping the skill buff to Fast hands.

Awesome, thanks again. Don’t get me wrong about the weapon buffs - they’re totally worth it for the community at large. I play with an odd set of weapon restrictions and already have the weapons buffed with the OP system, so I’m still interested in some of the one-off fixes.

…checking the Slayer of Terra with Zer0 now: +5 in Grim (instead of C0unter Strike) will definitely have me using this COM way more. I mean, I used it before as one of the few things that buffed fire damage for Zer0, but this puts it into a whole new category.

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Nah dude, It’s all good. I respect your choice.

Maya’s Slayer of Terra COM: Hory shet: Inertia, Elated, and Wreck
Specialist COM: I literally just found one last night with +6 in Ready (+5 in Forbearance), which I hadn’t sold yet. I’ll be keeping (and using) it now!
Axton’s Slayer of Terra COM: weird… will need to see how that goes in combat. Should be refreshing.
Legendary Grenadier: for me, the inclusion of Sentry is what will put this on the radar for me… can’t wait.
Flayer… worth it.