Unofficial Community Patch Thread

THIS!..a thousand times THIS!

I think one of the problems (and I do it myself) is I consider most good uniques BETTER than Legendaries
A la:

Yes…if you can do something to the Teapot “unique wise” I think it would be welcome.

As good as the Hornet…No
Almost as good…and certainly a consideration…and certainly different…and OBTW useable at OP8…would be great!

I know…I know…we don’t ask for much do we LOL

Shadow…WHATEVER you decide to do with ANY of this stuff I think the vast majority of folks will be grateful!!

I think these recurring conversations really highlight the bigger issue I have with this game. There isn’t a lot of incentive to farm if the mission rewards blues are “too good”. Why spend time farming another smg when you got a Sandhawk? Why spend time farming another sniper when you have the Pimp? etc. That’s not my personal take but things like these does apply to someone more casual who only prefer to spend as much time as needed to be competitive.

I am not asking for a nerf to these blue unique as we are so far into the game’s lifespan that that time have come and gone. The trouble with trying to match gun balance with the rarity would result in a massive buff to Pearl/Seraph/Legendary only because it needs to compete or even out perform the “easier” blue rewards you can get.

So this is a very hard balancing act at this point.

I honestly hope GBX revamp the mission reward in BL3 somehow, so I get the blue unique doing the mission on normal, purple unique for true vault, and e-tech or whatever equivalent for uvhm mission difficulty. This is a much more natural progression. Mission reward loot’s main goal is you help you level, not be end game gear.

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I have come up with a suggestion… Zeros rogue class comm, velocity should be replaced with at one with the gun.

Yeah, well it’s tedious as hell to do since he has 12 variations of that class mod.

Oh… Then how about changing the kill confirmed on the shot class comm to aowtg…

Here’s my personal suggestions, we don’t make them a unique anymore but a legendary (The Sandhawk and Pimpernel), and not make them quest items, but be a random drop from Hyperious or Gee. What do you think? I know it’s a huge nerf but it justifies them.

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At one with the gun boosted is broken though lol

Spill the beans… Please?

Or link me to the relevant post

At +5, it would be 100% sniper reload speed, extreme accuracy and insane sniper magazine.

I like your suggestion Ab…

But the problem is the Uniques…for the most part …are so “unique”…

and just darn fun…

and to have them NOT relevant at end game…seems a shame.

I’d be fine with that except Gee is such a PITA and even less played than Vorac who is even a BIGGER PITA LOL

Is the purpose to try to limit their availability??

Because I don’t think it will.

people want a Sandhawk or a Pimp they will simply NOT load the patch.

It will be that simple.

As far as Blue uniques though…I personally would like to see the Twister assgined to an additional Loot Pool…OOO is just god awful to spawn.

I’ll keep the Twister as is, I like having a gun that’s hard to get, that’s why I buffed it again so it’s worth it to pick up again since that thing is so rare.

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Speaking of OOO…

Have you found any way to get him to spawn more regularly…vermi as well??

But but but…

I don’t use any damage buffs on my weapons or relic…

Aaaaaand I only use snipers, for like 2.5k hrs… Aowtg is bae

You know that the rogue comm should get aowtg, the other two skills are the highest +5 skills in bloodshed and cunning…

Plus your patch broke my glass tank build so I consider this recompense…

I can say Preeti preeeeeze if u want

Edit: I should say “would break” I haven’t actually tried to use it yet…

Vermi is easy, the hotfix data is directly loaded and I can just mess with the numbers, triple O would be easy too.

Well…if you want to keep it super hard to get you are probably not interested in having him spawn more often. But they are two enemies few normal players ever see is the reason I bring it up.

Before the Loot Hunt, I had ONE Twister.

worked 5 nights in a row two hours a night.

Got OOO to spawn 6 times in all of that.

One Drop…

The $100,000 Loot Hunt permanently fixed my Twister itch…and Grog itch and Hive itch and about any other itch…

But that was years ago and others don’t have the ability any more without just resorting to the software.

Fine, you owe me one.

Shot class comm says tyvm… Yes it is my favorite comm, yes I am a fruitcake.

Yeah but…

I don’t use snipers on Zer0 (well a little)…I’m mostly a gun Pistol Zer0

yeah…I know I’m stupid and totally not using the class correctly. I also hate melee…so there is that as well. But a Shadow Stalker or Chaotic Neutral makes a VERY nice combo on a DPUH Zer0

And Velocity REALLY helps my DPUH and Swordsplosion…in fact, all guns, with some exceptions like Pimp and hail

AowtG only helps…Snipers…correct??\

OK…am confused…we ARE talking Rogue com correct??

The main problem with Scarlet guns is their unlisted pellets. But they are thematic, and a lot unique.
And even agreeing that quest rewards should be for aiding the level up, they should be still relevant in the end game if blue-texted. The Teapot vs Hornet is a great example of balance, as the Hornet has the lead but the Teapot still can be used in the end game ABS has their unique traits.
Vladof AR red-text are good examples of how to balance too. All of them have unique traits that differ from regular Vladof AR, and are not overpowered when compared. The Lead Storm has the edge as its ok, as it is a Seraph. While the others are even between them: the Legendary has no learning curve but less power, while the uniques are harder to wield but have more power.

In the end, Scarlets guns are the ones overpowered.