Unofficial Community Patch Thread

Do you go explosive with all the classes? Haha

Pretty much…

I know…I know…

but it’s what I do.

That’s why I LOVE his Cobra buff!!!

And WANT an Explosive BoA! LOL

Let’s wait and see what he does

Ain’t happening, sorry.

I find it cool, actually. Building all the classes to your tastes is a nice way of playing.

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OK…so I tested a few more of Shadows weps he has worked on


Excellent…just Excellent. An NO not in an overpowered way. He has made them logical, useful and an option at OP8.

And perhaps the Devastater and the Patriot are the most interesting.

He has Changed the Seeker just slightly but it’s noticeable…and slightly better…especially Fire Rate.

But the Devaster and Patriot are wonderful changes on guns NOBODY uses…and I mean NOBODY,

That may change dramatically. While the Devaster is not going to hit like a DPUH…it hits pretty damn good for one third the ammo costs and at close range…the grouping is fairly tight. I would DEFINITELY consider using it in areas where ammo is a HUGE problem like the Robot Slaughter. Yes you give up some damage potential but with the wide spread of the DPUH, were all your rounds hitting anyway…for a LOT more ammo usage? I’d consider this gun now just slightly behind a Hard Harold…and even then, the Ammo consumption may tip the balance. I tested it on Axton and his grenade damage bonuses were quite evident with it. Nice Job Shadow!

Wow…is the Gee fight going to be actually worth it now? I’d say yes.

The Patriot is a COMPLETELY different weapon now…totally useable. I’d say it is better than a Purple Droog but not quite a Lyuda with the three pellets. Buuuuut if all you are doing is pin point engagement of head shots…does the Lyuda’s other two pellets ever hit anyway?? If you want a nice clean head shot…fairly fast fire rate…better than Droog sniper…the Patriot is now a go to. Another outstanding change in my book. I tested a Fire version this evening in the Beatdown on Zer0 with a Legendary Sniper and a Chaotic Neutral. LOVED it! Solid FUN!

I was hoping for the shot class comm to get aowtg in place of kill confirmed…

But it looks like your objections have put the kabosh on the whole thing… :frowning:

Oh and one other “Test” I performed…

Just as a sort of “Balance Check” on the AR’s that Shadow has Patched. I wanted to make sure I was portraying an accurate picture when it came to “balance.”

So I took my OP8 Commando and decked him out with all the Explosive Grenade bonuses and an Explosive Damage relic and ran the same Beatdown route I had been testing all the newly patched AR’s.

I gave him an Ogre and used him as a sort of “control”.
An Ogre is the BEST and most flexible AR on Axton IMHO so it SHOULD kill faster than other types of AR’s on him.

And it did…that simple.

While all of Shadow’s changes have added to options…none of his changes have made these new options BETTER than what logically should be Axton’s best. Buuuut he has at least made them more useable and successful…an option IF an Ogre was not available…or you wanted to match elements with a Bone for the cooldown.

What I did tonight reaffirmed my belief that Shadow has tried his hardest with this patch to create more options and choice…without disturbing the overall equilibrium of the game.

Well done!

Oh…crap…not my intention…thought we were talking Rogue.

Don’t care about Shot class mod. Hell, does anyone even USE the shot class mod??

I use it pretty much exclusively…

Buuuuuut imawierdo so yeah

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I try to make explosives work on everyone

And run an Explosive Gun Zer0

so yeah…understand…imaweirdo too

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I use skin of the ancients…


You win…:grinning:

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What’d I win?!!?



[quote=“Aether_Seraph, post:286, topic:1557735”]aowtg[/quote] :confused:

Seriously though, if you look at the code in the patch, you should be able to dial this in yourself. I spun up a couple custom versions of COMs for come combat styles I like (not overpowered by any stretch, but waaaayyyy fun).

[quote=“Aether_Seraph, post:295, topic:1557735”]Plus your patch broke my glass tank build so I consider this recompense…[/quote]Which part of the patch did this?

[quote=“johnrr6, post:308, topic:1557735”]NOBODY[/quote] :wave:

About the Explosive Bone Of The Ancients…is it possible to turn the regular elemental relic into an Explosive Bone Of The Ancients?

Why is it when I say stuff like that…you or Hattie always raise their hand…LOL

OK…so I meant ALMOST nobody…:grinning:

Fabled tortoise change…

Yeah you are probably right

For me- I rarely use SMG’s outside of raid bosses and DP runs (unless it’s a Slagga) and the whole burst fire while ADS is difficult to pull of in FFL so something else like an Avenger or Good/Bad Touch might come in handy… :grin: