Unofficial Community Patch Thread

I find the Sandhawk’s delivery and projectile speed fairly annoying myself. I generally prefer PCs, Hellfire or the Tattler. And the Slagga’s always in slot 4 for slag.

Slagga and Hellfire are regulars in my kit, but the Hellfire needed a bit of a buff. Cranked up the fire rate about 10% and now it’s well viable on an OP8 Maya.

I might make the hellfire have a bigger splash radius with more dots maybe.

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How does the Hellfire fares against a fire PC? If it already does better, it doesnt really need buff imo.

Nothing against a bigger splash radius, thou. The DoT could be on par with the TBF if it isnt already. More than it could be a little too much.

It’s a fire PC that uses 1 ammo per shot

[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:325, topic:1557735”]If it already does better, it doesnt really need buff imo.
[/quote]I agree - the Hellfire (and Good Touch for that matter) are incredibly good weapons if you’re looking for a fire SMG. Gaige (and maybe Maya?) can already get kills by DoT alone at OP8 with these if you build for it properly. Maybe just the Good Touch? It’s been a long time since I confirmed that, and this was before the 1-DoT splash damage fix too. Anyway, since the slant of this patch appears to be making OP8 easier by buffing weapons, go for it, but I personally would back that buff out of my own text file.

[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:325, topic:1557735”]TBF[/quote]What’s this?

@shadowevil1996 I’ve saw Derch’s latest test of e-tech and he noticed they still use 2 ammo per shot and that the buffs don’t apply to the Dahl versions. I tested it myself with the same result.

  1. The buffs don’t apply to the Dahl.
  2. They all use 2 ammo per shot. I don’t think reducing the shot cost was supposed to happen. It’s not mentioned in the patch notes. I thought I heard it in the original video.

Edit. I found the issue. Dahl has it’s own barrel. Likely because of the horizontal shot pattern. So it’s not targeted by the patch.

Well, I was well aware that I didn’t buff the Dahl ones, I guess I just got lazy since they have so much inside of them.

Sorry. The patch notes just stated e-tech ARs so I assumed it meant all of them.

Yeah, I wrote these badly.

Ad, if you mean “making OP 8 easier” by giving more weapons and equipment and builds opportunities for solid success at OP 8…more than there are now…and thus easier to OBTAIN solid weapons and equipment that will work at OP8…

Then I agree.

But if you mean “making OP8 easier” as in Shadows work somehow decreases the overall difficulty level…orr his equipment changes makes any run “easier”… then I repectfully disagree. In all of my testing the overall difficulty has stayed the same…at least to me. I die about the same whether I am using the patch and new gear or not. Which to me is my most basic indicator of difficulty level. Time to complete a run has remained the same and defeating Raid Bosses and sub Bosses has remained the same.

I really like your approach of just removing things you disagree with. After all, this patch is all about increasing the enjoyment level of the existing game for an individual…and everyone’s taste is different.

I do think one of the biggest changes this patch has brought to the game will be in co-op etiquette.

Folks will need to state their druthers on using or not using the patch at the very beginning to avoid misunderstandings. Which is really no different then laying out the rules for loot like we do now anyway.

Most of the folks that I co-op with will probably not want to play with the patch which will be totally fine with me. Absolutely no problem.

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That would work well too. I just buffed fire rate as it also increases the rate of ammo consumption, balancing it out some.

Thunderball Fists.

Also, the Good Touch already has the Moxxi healing and, iirc, bonus crit damage.
A lot of guns are already balanced in terms of power/utility imo.
I wish I could play on PC to apply the patch and edit it as I see fit. Would love to adjust the Volcano Splash/DoT, etc

Hey everyone! I’ve been following this patch since the beginning and I’m really looking forward for the next one. However I want to try my hand at modifying some stuff (like changing the skills on the hunter com or adding ammo Regen to the sniper com) but I have no clue where to look to get the initial code to modify them. Can somebody give me any tips for this or send me a PM?

Download the patch and just look at the code…

It’s a simple text file

After heavy perusing…you start to get the hang of it…the basics…

Then start PMing folks with exact questions…

That’s what I did.

And if a 62 year old ex-Infantryman can do it…



Right now, I’m working on the actual list itself, and I made a change that makes early game surprisingly VERY bearable. So look forward for that

So if you got actual feedback, you can tell me or tag me about it, because I’m writing down the skills and then I’ll start modifying them, I don’t know if I’m still going for a 100 changes but I’ll see what I can do. It’ll take me about a week or two to get the patch going.


Alright, can’t wait for the next patch then! For feedback I love the change to the chère-amie, I now use a bladed one for my hybrid zero. I also really love the naught, it makes it much more easier to survive and it actually synergies pretty well with the orphan maker. I just got the elephant gun yesterday so I haven’t been able to try it too much but it seems like it’s now the perfect OSOK weapon. The change to the sniper com seems good as snipers always need more swap speed but since I don’t use it much I didn’t really feel it (that’s why I keep asking you about the hunter com ^^). I am having trouble deciding how to use the weapon damage relics. I got one for sniper damage and I’m never sure when to use them and if it’s better to use a bone but that’s on me not the patch. I’m really looking forward to trying the Hawkeye, the Patriot and the Godfinger when I can get my hand on them :slight_smile:

Shadow…we have started some individual threads for input on skills. You might want to visit these to get a feel for folk’s thoughts on skills that need work:

No one has done anything on Krieg yet but I know there was discussion that Hellfire Halitosis was useless.


That Gaige one was made last year by someone who just threw buffs all over the place for every character. No offense towards them but I wouldn’t use that as reference.

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Just posted there, didnt notice the date.
Guess Im going to create a new one so.

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