Unofficial Community Patch Thread

[quote=“shadowevil1996, post:364, topic:1557735”]new WTF … not harm the player.[/quote]…bunch of pansies. :laughing:

As a WTF aficionado, the only thing I would change might be the proc chance for boosters (or possibly having the boosters refill the entire shield, regardless of level, but I’m not sure if that would be too overpowered).

I think the damage is there (unless you want it to one-shot unslagged bosses at OP8 or something of the like), and the shock booster timing is good (would be nice to have it tighter, but only for the second and third volleys). I’m also okay with the self damage; I like the risk/reward balance on this shield, but don’t leave it unaltered on my account.

  1. Yes its a penalty but I think too high penalty for gun that has pearlescent rarity.

  2. Yes no harm feature will be very cool. But still I think it will need more % drop chance.

  3. I understand it could be really complicated process to make it to work. I’m just giving suggestion, if it can’t be done then ok no problem.

  4. Awsum.

I was thinking also about Landscaper if it could be like in TPS? I mean if it can have knock back like Moonscaper does? That would be not only helpful for Rocket Jumping but also it would be cool to kill enemy mid air when he will be launched with it.

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About drops, I was thinking is it possible to reduce the drops from tubbies to legendary coms and 2nd gen pearl? Would people even like that? This way people have to farm loot midgets for gen 1 pearls and tubbies for gen 2.

It’s Gen 2 Pearls that are the problem in my book

And the difficulty to get the newer Legendary Coms only from Tubbies…

Fine to leave Tubbies as a source…but I’d sure like to see the stuff available from some other sources as well.

Got a suggestion…

Lil Evie…

Shock pistol…kind of interesting because it reduces cooldown on a kill…but little used besides maybe a Gaige or a Zer0 with Spy Com…

Because it just doesn’t hit very hard…

What do you think of a buff to it…??

Base Damage and slight FR?

Another option would be give it the Grenade Damage Bonus Like a Thunderball Fists.

Besides Gaige…shock just seems to me to be so underused in the game…at least to me.

With all the buffs to Bandit AR’s…

Anyone try the Madhouse with the Patch?

That gun was AWFUL!

Does the patch make it worthwhile now??

I think the Madhous hits as hard as would be expected… it’s just tricky to get it to hit reliably (and as hard) if you’re not using the ricochet properly. I wouldn’t say no to a basic damage buff (as many assault rifles could use), but I think many people’s aversion to it stems from the difficulty in extracting the damage potential from it even once they figure it out.

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Hey @shadowevil1996, what about changing randomely some peak spawns?
Nisha or the Showdown duo instead of the Assassins?
Spycho instead of Scorch?

Dual Bunker?

Something like it.

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Is there a way to tweak splash damage guns that don’t get affected by grenade damage bonuses so that they do get affected?
A Flakker/Bearcat build with the Leg. Grenadier is my wet dream.

Hey, before I ask my question I don’t understand how anything in video games work so I do not think that this is possible but if it is that would be really cool. So I was wondering if it would be possible to bring the TPS characters into borderlands 2, whether it is this patch or someone else does it. Or even bring in the frost mechanic, I think it would be cool to see this stuff in Borderlands 2. I know I could just go play TPS but I never feel like playing TPS like I feel like playing BL2. Again I dont know how anything works but I think this would cool

[quote=“BattleBee, post:373, topic:1557735”]A Flakker/Bearcat build with the Leg. Grenadier is my wet dream.[/quote]You spelled Landscaper wrong. :wink:


So I just tested a Fire Bearcat on Axton…

OP8…Standard build…Legendary Soldier…Fire BoA


Totally different experience than before the Patch.

The Bearcat is every bit as usable now as Shredders and Vladof Blasters…maybe better!

In fact…in the Beatdown using my turret to aggro and slag…it was killing in DROVES.

Still goes through ammo pretty fast but MAN…it kills now…and does a good job of it!

Great job on this gun!! @shadowevil1996

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Anybody test the Sawbar??? With all the Bandit improvements was it even better?

Did some research so will answer my own question…

YES! got even BETTER!

Might be the best Fire AR in the game right now.

@Derch put together a very nice video on it post patch.

And his video explaining the actual effects of the gun, science/math behind it…and how to employ it is also excellent.

To kinda answer my own question
after doing some testing
I think I may have figured out how to change Reaper splash to Grenade splash

Gonna need to do more testing since ive only tried it on SWORDSPLOSION!!! so far
And since SWORDSPLOSION!!! Has child grenades that couldve been meddling with my testing

But a Sawbar with grenade splash sounds awesome for my Krieg/Axton

edit: I tried editing the Snider’s splash into grenade damage and saw that it procced Blood Bath so I think it is working

P.S. A SWORDSPLOSION!!! That constantly procs Blood Bath is pure heaven

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@shadowevil1996 Shadow…Once you are done…can you announce the availability of the new patch you are working on here in the forum.

And post links to whatever pertinent.

Would be great!

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Just a little bit more Sargent. It’s going to be another game changing patch.


dear Gearbox, can we make this available to console users. Please…please… please.


Just chiming in to say that I am absolutely loving the patch, Shadow. So many cool changes that have made me enjoy the game even more. Thank you and all involved for your awesome work. Very much looking forward to the next patch.