Unofficial Community Patch Thread

I thought I would mention here that on Craig’s youTube channel I posted a request that he take a look at the Rifleman Com on Axton.

And to change the AR Damage to Multiplicative instead of additive…much the same way he has changed gun damage on relics from additive to multiplicative.

AR’s are arguably the least used of BL2 weps…and this mod might help (a little) to fix that at least on Axton.

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As someone who never got to use the Twister before it got downsized in the October 29 patch…this thing is insane. I actually found it kinda underwhelming on Krieg and Zer0 prior to this (K has shotguns that plain proc Bloodbath more reliably and with Zer0 I’d rather use a Jakobs shotty I can actually go for crits with), but I can see why it was so revered now.

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Tested four more snipers…Volcano, Storm, Fremington Edge, Morningstar
Zer0, Legendary Sniper, a matching Bone Relic…with and without Bee…with and without slag

Just fabulous!

ALL these snipers are perfectly useable at OP8…we finally have some CHOICE again!

Hell…I even thought the Morningstar hit the hardest but then tried a Fremington Edge and now I’m not so sure…LOL
The improvemets to Hyperian Snipers in general has really helped the Morningstar and the Fremington Edge!

I was getting a few unslagged, one shot kills with a bee…
With Slag and no bee…1-2 shots
With slag and bee they were usually one shotting except on enemies that had a specific resistance

Now a word of caution…Zer0 has a BUNCH of sniper skill bonuses so the weapons may be less effective on other Characters…but probably not by much.

Heck…even the Storm and the Volcano are pretty good now, you would actually consider using them in certain points in the game…what is this world coming to…LOL

[quote=“Troubled, post:17, topic:1557735”]

Bloody Revival: Much like Axton’s Overload I feel if this were to affect all guns it would be more tempting of a pick.[/quote]
I agree, but I would probably limit it to explosive weaponry.

Pull the Pin and Light the Fuse: I don’t know if you can or not but my suggestion is to switch these two out. Have Pull the Pin increase the final blast of Light the Fuse by 50-100% damage.

Nah. I think fixing the scaling LtF has in UVHM/OP levels would help it a lot. Even with an explosive relic, it’s not very good after NVHM. I don’t know what the damage scaling is, but it should be doubled or even tripled.

Strip the Flesh: My suggestion is to increase the FFYL bonus for an addition 3% to an addition 8% to make it more worthwhile to use, possibly higher for the OP levels.

I’d increase both the base and the FFYL bonuses by 3-5%. It’s a great skill even in the OP levels, but it could use some more omph.

Salt the Wound: My suggestion is to either increase the time before the buff disappears or directly tie it into Krieg’s shields. So long as his shield is down the stacks remain. Not sure how else to remedy the issue of the stacks disappearing so quickly.

I like this idea. It’s a royal PITA to get stacks and keep them that it’s almost not worth dealing with. Then again, if you’re up close an personal, you can generally generate and keep 20 stacks. Still, it’d be nice to have them for the shotgun damage when one isn’t using melee.

Though I have not tried this patch and I’m a bit hesitant to install it, a lot of the changes do look interesting to me. A lot of the weapons buffs especially. The only thing I disagree with is the removal-by-substitution of some pieces of gear in a few places. I know pretty much no one uses a Cradle as part of any serious build (and I like the Torrent from TPS and have never used Emperors much) but I’m of the opinion that no content should be removed from the game.

That said, I certainly can appreciate the time and effort going into something like this. Shows a true love of the game. :slight_smile:

I’m of the sincere hope that GBX at least takes a look at some of these changes to possibly add in to a ‘final patch’ that includes the latest official hotfixes that aren’t hard-patched in yet.

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Wow, nice work on the “patch”! That’s some dedication.

Thoughts about the existing fixes (if I don’t list it here, I’ll pass on the fix, mostly because I either don’t care or because I’m already getting what I want with the OP system):

  • Replaced Tidal Wave with Flayer - will have to try this on Pandora

  • Chulainn no longer slags player - love it

  • E-tech snipers and assault rifle crit fix - will have to see how these do in combat

  • Cradle to Nought - I would have gone with the Asteroid Belt (since it’s more Cradle-ish, but the Nought will be interesting in BL2’s skill ecology)

  • Emperor to Torrent - I might have just pushed the fire rate up and/or increased the number of shots per burst, but same difference (unless I’m missing something)

  • Opportunity relic buffs speed - interesting

  • Gun damage multiply instead of add - nice!

  • Grim and Inertia buff in Slayer of Terra - cool

  • Ammo regen in Legendary Sniper - for Critical Ascensi0n stacking maybe? :laughing:

  • Slag grenades more reliable for slag - worth it

    As someone who uses everything in the game, here are some things I’d consider (and I’m limiting this by a lot). If anyone else is interested, raise your hand:

  • Explosive Bone of the Ancients

  • Give Retcher damage like the Infection. Can you separately buff the little reload orbs? If so, those should hit very hard, since it’s a bit of a trick shot to get them to hit the target reliably. If not, maybe change their element to slag? I’m partial to more corrosive damage, but “free” slag for nailing that trick shot would be nice.

  • Buff or include a strong shock spike shield. I get mine through the OP system, but for everyone else, there isn’t much of an option.

  • Buff Torgue’s Manly Man explosive damage. For a shield with such a penalty, it seems like it should hit harder?

  • Spiker pistols: damage buff in the form of base or element. I personally wouldn’t touch darts, but I think @hattieinduni and I might be the only people who use them (and I load them with all the OP buff I can muster).


I don’t play on PC but has he done anything to Moxxi’s Endowment? Some sort of health regen like the Blood of Terramorphous would be nice at level 72 and beyond…

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Quadrupled the XP gain.

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Good suggestions guys…keep it up.

I have a another suggestion as well…

Really like what you did to the Seraphim…makes it a consideration and useable at the game’s highest levels…

But… it’s only a Fire Weapon.

Why not buff the Scorpio with enough plusses to make it valuable and a consideration. It would cover the Dahl AR’s in all elements nicely.

Leave all the Red Text attributes but maybe increase base Damage say 25-30% and if you could give it a better crit bonus it would be entirely desirable.

Just a suggestion but I like where you are going to make AR’s more desireable and I think this will help.

Oh and +1 on the idea of some sort of sniper ammo regen on the Legendary sniper…love that idea!

The beauty of the Patch is that you choose whether it runs or not EVERY game session. And it is not that difficult to install…just slowly follow Craig’s directions on the video and be safe and back up your Borderlands.exe.

Want to play with the patch…take the all of 5 seconds to go to console and execute it.

Want to NOT play with the patch…no problem, just start the game normally.

You can switch back and forth and game files are NOT harmed in any way.

Sorry to be a party-s**tter here but I while heartily approve of most of the changes (buffing underwhelming gear to be usable), opening up the patch to changing that gear’s inherent characteristics starts to look a lot like modding. The concern is that it becomes like BL1 Willowtree where you run around with a Serpens Serpens obliterating everything.

The easy response is that I simply don’t participate - but it would be a shame to see a divergence in the community. Some running OEM co-oping with someone running some OP version.

If you think I’m being an over-cautious hysterical ninny, that’s ok - I’m just trying to provide some balance.


I agree with most of what you just posted above…you bring up some great points

and there has to be some balance.

And that is what I personally think is so clever about this patch.

Craig has tried his darndest to raise the balance of unuseable gear to make it competitive…

While making nothing OP.

EVERY gun I have tested so far has been a nice improvement over the existing nonuseable guns.

So much of an improvement that it has become an OP gun that blows away anythning?? No, absolutely not. Each gun that I have tested so far has gone from the “I am NEVER going to use that gun…sell it” to “hmm, not bad…not bad at all. How am I going to use that gun? do I change builds or tactics to employ it?”…etc

It’s personally sad that Sony and Microsoft are so concerned with profits that they desire to squelch ANY variety or experimentation but it’s not my call…and it is what it is.

As for dividing the community…again…I just don’t see it with the ease of loading the patch, or NOT loading the patch.

I play both ways all the time now and love and appreciate the difference it affords…new tactics and weapons loadouts and builds…etc.

EDIT: I do see your point on Co-oping and I think that if one is running the patch it is their duty to inform others in their party. Can they co-exist…SURE. You really are not going to notice a difference until somone pulls out a Shredder or a Seraphim or E-Tech Sniper…and it actually can kill something. Not in an OP way…but in the “normal” way you’d expect from a good Legendary or E-Tech.


WAIT!!..a Legendary Slayer of Terra Com that is actually usable and worth something??

Jeepers what a concept!

What is this world coming to? LOL


@shadowevil1996 Craig…what fixes did you make to E-Tech AR’s??

I LOVED Vladof Blasters up to 50

By 61 they were unusable…unless you wanted to die quickly.

EDIT: I re-reviewd Craig’s video and he clearly says his fix to E-Tech ARs was to remove the Critical Damage penalty which should make Blasters like vladof highly useable again.

Oh and E-Tech snipers can Crit now as well…Which should make them superior to normal snipers (which is really what they should have been all along in my opinion.)…Hang on to those Railers boys…no more vending those puppies LOL

I just realized something else this patch can do…ESPECIALLY for a newcomer. By making more types of gear useable at the games highest levels you make it EASIER for the newcomer who has not farmed the relentless hours for ONLY those pieces of gear that work.

It makes it a little easier to succeed up to OP8.

More success = more people keep playing.

AND…while this may seem Blasphemous…there are folks who DON’T like to farm gear. No…really, honest injun…there are!

Good gracious we might even see a decline of the use of “the software” …LOL


To be clear in my opinion : balancing the game = good. Changing the game = modding.

And I’ll graciously shut up now.

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[quote=“johnrr6, post:29, topic:1557735”]Why not buff the Scorpio with enough plusses to make it valuable and a consideration.[/quote]What do you have in mind? I wouldn’t be opposed to a bump to the base damage (I personally do this with the OP system now), but if the burst contained way more shots, that might be a hoot too. Alternately, I wouldn’t say no to making it the Roksalt of Dahl assault rifles, where the reload speed was insanely fast.

[quote=“Jefe, post:31, topic:1557735”]The concern is that it becomes like BL1 Willowtree where you run around with a Serpens Serpens obliterating everything.[/quote]…like people do now with Pimpernels? I find that most people want different things from the game, and if someone wants to one-shot everything with a single, cool weapon, who cares?. If it isn’t the Serpens or the Pimpernel, it would just be the next weapon in the list.

Interesting theory point. I agree with Ad here that I don’t really mind what people do in their own games - I’ve watched people Shamfleet and Beehawk their way across Pandora, I don’t mind (incidentally my phone now recognises Beehawk). But there should obviously be some structure for coop, and I also like working within the set limitations games offer us. I don’t want every gun to be as powerful as possible. When I found out about @Adabiviak’s tactics, I moved all my solo play to OP3 to use more powerful versions of weaker gear. Some people might use that as an opportunity to destroy everything; for me it brings otherwise useless stuff into play (e.g. Spike Shields). As much as I love endgame it isn’t balanced.

That said, I’m currently on the fence about this patch. It might be because I still don’t feel the current state of endgame, particularly since I’ve shifted to OP3, is fully explored in my own play… I have much to do with Axton’s COMs before I try out a “Legendary Grenadier”! I’m also a bit worried that while this may tick many boxes about what needs buffing it may leave me feeling unconvinced on some changes (it’s good that you can toggle the patch of course).

Maybe it’s also because I find myself quite often at odds with conventional wisdom about weaponry (I like the Tidal Wave… and yes I even love Darts, hehe). I will observe this thread for feedback (may even force myself into watching some YouTube videos, maybe) and you what verdicts you guys come up with.

That’s a strange statement, how do you balance without changing anything? That doesn’t make sense. I wholeheartedly support this patch because it’s been done by long time, experienced players with the view to make more gear viable at OP8. It’s not to let people run around one shotting everything. Thank you @shadowevil1996 for putting in the effort and I hope that GBX will consider incorporating some of these changes into a hotfix, as it will make the game better for everyone.

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[quote=“Adabiviak, post:37, topic:1557735, full:true”]

[quote=“johnrr6, post:29, topic:1557735”]Why not buff the Scorpio with enough plusses to make it valuable and a consideration.[/quote]What do you have in mind? I wouldn’t be opposed to a bump to the base damage (I personally do this with the OP system now), but if the burst contained way more shots, that might be a hoot too. Alternately, I wouldn’t say no to making it the Roksalt of Dahl assault rifles, where the reload speed was insanely fast.

I like the Red Text effect on the Scorpio as is to tell you the truth…just give it more Umph on base damage and remove the AR crit penalty and viola…you got yourself a NICE Dahl AR in all elements that would actually be useful at endgame.

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