Unofficial Community Patch Thread

It is not up to Gearbox to make it available to console. That’s a Microsoft/Sony issue. They are the ones whos terms of service state that games cannot be modified with third party software.
We just enforce that here.

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Used the Damned Cowboy recently and while it still kicks like a mule it definitely hits a whole lot harder. I’ll have to compare it to the unbuffed version later but with the patch it its just a bit harder than an unbuffed at a bit over 6m a hit with my Maya build at OP8.

Are there any links to how to make our own text file patch; like maybe a Reddit post or the like? I’d like to start on the Krieg patch if possible. Thanks.

@shadowevil1996 bit of a different question: Would it be possible to get a similar system of “self-patching” for The Pre-Sequel as well? I don’t know a lot about those things, but I know I would like to fool around with some of TPS’ equipment and/or some skills.

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I might, a lot of people been requesting for it.

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Add me on steam if you wanna talk details.

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im wishing that gearbox buy the rights of this patch from shadow and make it an update.

possible right?

well technically Gearbox could just do a patch that contains shadow’s work…I dont think Gbx would have to ‘buy the rights’ or anything
but I doubt theres gonna be any more patches for Bl2, at least for a long time

@shadowevil1996 I have a question concerning the Cobra. Would it be possible to change it to where it could be buffed by grenade buffs? Such as turning it into a very accurate and fast gyro weapon? Or would that be too difficult of a task?

@shadowevil1996- having just had this happen to me, is there any way to effectively kill an enemy that gets glitched into the background; specifically surveyors that glitch themselves into the cliff right before the area on DP that leads to OMGWTH?

changing the Cobra’s splash damage type into grenade damage shouldnt be too hard

edit: yeah I just changed Cobra’s splash damage type to grenade splash and tried it and confirmed it proccing Blood Bath
its definitely possible and not too hard to do either

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Good to know it is doable. I won’t do it as I do not trust myself in messing with any coding and what not.

the_Nocturni - PM incoming! :smile:

Added. Same username and avie as on here.

Had an idea for tweaking one of Kriegs skills - in here or his own thread? :slight_smile:

His own thread. I’ll probably be releasing a patch after I figure out how.

How did the damage compare to Shadow’s patched version of the Cobra…which by the way, is pretty darn good now.

If the Grenade bonuses boost it now…does the normal Explosive Damage Relic still boost it as well??

I’m trying the Blood of Terramorphous now with the buff and noticing that the health regen “turns off” briefly whenever you are taking damage to health or shields, or healing via Moxxi weapons. Other health regeneration effects don’t seem to negate it though.
It’s not that bad if you stick to cover a lot, but I’d still like to suggest that if possible could it get those limitations removed?

Well 1.I changed the splash type of the Cobra from the community patch
And 2. I actually never tried the Cobra after the patch(since I was busy experimenting stuff with Krieg :stuck_out_tongue:)
3. I used it only briefly to make sure I did indeed change the splash damage type

So unfortunately I cant exactly tell how better it is

And yes its still explosive grenade splash
Explosive relic should be able to boost it