Unofficial Community Patch Thread

Can’t wait for that beast to be released.

well I’m not sure if Shadow would change that
It would make it worse on Maya after all

Never thought of that.

Not sure if this is a reasonable request, but would it be possible to create a version for mac?

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Hey shadow what do you think about adding blue unique weapons to the general loot pool, a bit like the Cobra but for every blue red text weapon? I fell like this would be an interesting change at end game and make us exited to open chests again ^^

Anybody know who the Bl2Skills guy is??

Wonder if he’d be interested in setting up an additional site with the patched skills listing what they now do with Shadow’s upcoming patch.

Call it BL2Skills-Patched…something like that.

The only thing that would need changing is the dialog boxes that pop up which would display the new values…and making sure the bottom list that is generated calls the updated data…

I mean the vast majority of the programming would not change at all. It would seem (at least to me) an easy task…

I need to get back into Borderlands 2 full time and test all the goods out instead of just doing 1-2 hours a week tops. I need to start experimenting with builds that may or may not be published on the forums.

Hey @shadowevil1996, is it possible to make each Dahl sniper rifle to have the reduced ammo consumption effect like the Vladof RLs?

Just a heads-up, Patch 2.0 should be out in the next day or two according to Shadowevil.


Yes looking forward to that :+1:!

Second version is out!


Patch! I hope everyone enjoys the character changes :slight_smile: If not we can always nerf them later :smiley:

You are the next Gearbox Community Badass for sure, we love you :heart_eyes:

This is so awesome! I can’t wait to play this.

Great googly moogly!!

Those changes!!


THANK YOU! @shadowevil1996 @adudney

Wow, this patch is amazing!

Certainly…but when I reviewed the patch changes I saw really nothing that would be game breaking in any fashion. In fact, that is what I like about this patch. It aims to carefully improve the game and make the game more versatile with many more options available to the player. It is NOT ja bunch of evil smasher OP stuff for giggles and grins. It’s a serious patch for serious players.

And if truth be told if someone doesn’t like the patch they certainly don’t have to load it.

And besides, I HATE nerfs! LOL. In fact, in the entire Borderlands series I can only think of a very few nerfs that were actually needed. Bee’s Delay, Conference Calls lash up with the Bee, and the Evil Smasher. All the other nerfs in my mind over the years were totally unnecessary and I really feel the developers should have been working on stuff you and Shadow just did…improvements to versatility and options.

The constant cycle of nerfing in the holy name of “balance” absolutely destroyed Battleborn for me. I really hope GB has learned their lesson from that experience.

Again, thank you so much for all you efforts on this!!! Much appreciated!

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Axton’s overhaul is incredible to the point that he is quite a powerful Vault Hunter now. Those turret changes have made it to where it will tear through enemies rather quickly even at OP8.

It’s incredible how much that I’m the Juggernaut buff makes a difference for Brawn Sal.
Rolling a Beast/Tank through the Bloodshot zones and feeling significantly bulkier.
Still went down a few times, but that was me being a little too confident with the new durability.