Unofficial Community Patch Thread

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #1405

Hey! Good to see you, and that’s great news!

(Muddy Waters) #1406

Hey, I’ve been looking at this for quite a while…but I am wondering if I could modify the patch or just…add something to change the shot cost, as I feel quite a few weapons use way too much ammo (especially Torgue AR rockets or E-Tech Snipers Oh, apparently they modify shot usage anyway). I have…well, ‘coded’ and modified values before, but I really don’t know what I am getting into here, or if it’s even possible (or if I am being stupid).

I am thinking about doing other stuff, but I want to make sure I can do a basic thing before I have any delusions of grandeur…and also so I don’t go nuts and end up making some performance-apocalyptic super weapon that would be better off in Russian Overkill.

Also: I forgot to mention the visual glitch associated with all assault rifles. Whenever moving with any of them while aiming, the screen juts to the upper right a little bit. Not sure if anyone else has this but I’ve noticed this on every copy of BL2 and TPS I have.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #1407

You can modify the patch like this. I do it like a cretin: open Notepad++ and start typing. I also use the Filter Tool to enable/disable things on the fly and for error checking, but I have a bunch of custom stuff in there.

Some things get pretty arcane, but there’s a Discord channel for just this sort of thing, which is probably a better place for the nitty gritty than here (look for Shadow’s Evil Hideout).

(Muddy Waters) #1408

As much as a Discord server sounds like a good idea in general…

Every single one I’ve been in is practically cursed. Always, always, do I end up in some drama mountain for one reason or another. I need to avoid all of them at all costs. I don’t fit in any server regardless of circumstance, and past events only serve to reinforce that.

But enough of me and Discord servers: I am using Notepad ++ and it looks a lot more clean…but I still don’t know what I am looking at. I think I figured it out, hurray for experimenting.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #1409

A number of the locals in that channel can be very off-putting, but if you persist with an honest question, someone will usually pop up with an answer. I usually only go there to see if any of the new code interests me. :confused:

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #1410

Yes, you can add your own mods as well as tweak mods that are already in the patch. I have done things like add Moxxi healing to the Rapier and increase its status effect chance, and I have reduced the shot cost of the Twister down to one. Among other things.

(Muddy Waters) #1411

Hmmmm…would it be possible to make it so while Gunzerking, Sal can go full auto with Jakobs/Dahl Pistols/Dahl Snipers? I am struggling to find out how to do so, as most of the tweaks I’ve done have been comparing codes and editing values to see what happens, but I am seeing nothing for what I want to try. I imagine I could put something in to make it so ‘Keep Firing…’ enables this.

Also: I am having problems in trying to get Class Mods to bump up more skills. I’ve coded them in…and it just seems like they’re being ignored while some are being accepted.

Also #2: I could post the code I got dow now, but considering how lengthy they are, I am not sure if it’d be considered spam or not.

Also #3: I can confirm, if you put 115,600,000 skill points into Filled to the Brim, your ammo storage decks will just be deleted. Not the ammo gone. Just deleted. Well, at least from what I’ve seen.



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