Unofficial Fanart & Cosplay Reference Guides

(lowlines - PS4) #1

First off, I just want to say that I really love seeing people create all these amazing fanarts and cosplays of their favourite characters!! What you guys do is simply wonderful!! :heart:

However, behind every artwork, there is a constant struggle to find the right references necessary to bring those ideas to life. There are ways you can get references via in-game but that’s often less than optimal and while there are places on the internet where you might find a character model, that also requires enough knowledge and understanding to be able to load it up and adjust it to your needs. I’ve been working on a web tool, that aims to give you guys the ability to view and rotate (and hopefully animate) characters however you want so you can get the pose you need without all the complexity of messing with models or in-game UIs clipping the characters etc. It’s still very early days, but its at least at a point where I can easily take screenshots and put together a reference guide for a given character. This includes custom skins too!!

These character renders are far from complete, and are missing a lot of things such as those lovely VFXs (which for characters like Caldarius, is half their design), not to mention my lighting sucks and I’m currently only rendering characters with just their diffuse and normal maps. There is also an issue with characters being horizontally flipped, but I just have to flip the renders before I upload them.

So lets start with height reference guides, grouped by faction…

Note: It’s possible the models are not being properly scaled. Also characters that normally have a natural hunch will look taller in a T-pose.

UPR / Peacekeepers





Bonus - Here’s a height comparison with Rendain who is freakin tall!!

Next are the individual reference guides for each character. These’s can take some time to do, so I’ll continue to add to them over time as well as update them as my capture tool gets better.

I asked on the Discord (and by extension Tumblr) who I should prioritize first and I immediately received a stack of requests :open_mouth: So given @beya has been wrecking it as of late, I thought ISIC would be a good place to start. :sunglasses: (note that until I can playback animations, I can’t get shots of his guns which reside in his back, I also don’t yet have a reference for his rotating wards or smiley shield :sweat:)

Update: Compiling a list of reference guides that have posted in this thread for easy access. Check back here in case they get updated.

Battleborn (21/30):

Alani v1

Ambra v1

Attikus v1

Aurox v1

Beatrix v1

Boldur v1

Caldarius v2

Deande v1 *new*

El Dragón v1

Galilea v2

Ghalt v1


Kelvin v1

Mellka v2

Miko v1

Montana v1

Pendles v1

Reyna v1

Shayne v1

Toby v1

Whiskey Foxtrot v2


Nova v1



Conservator v1

Scaven v1

More to come!

Btw I can also get enemies too, so if you happen to have a particular request, feel free to post it here and I’ll see what I can do (keeping in mind, I may not be able to get it right away).

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(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #2

I find it amusing that you labeled that image as “cosplay guide” :smile: the angles you got are good for general understanding of the character model (for me it’s insufficient though). The top-down one is interesting, it’s not an angle you normally see.

Thank you lowlines :blue_heart: ISIC loves the attention.

(lowlines - PS4) #3

The better I understand what people look for in references, the more useful they’ll be. The web tool, is probably going to be a lot more useful for someone like you, but until its ready you’ll just have to make do with these :wink:

(Is this thing on?) #4

Quite apart from the cosplay aspect, that’s a REALLY useful set of images for getting an accurate sense of relative character heights within the game. Thanks!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #5

That’s fine, I have the mech right here available for posing. :wink:


(lowlines - PS4) #6

Next up! Mellka!

(Leonie) #7

this really makes me want to start drawing again. i always struggle with details because you often can’t see something in-game. great work and thank you!

(Magygo99) #8

yay! you did it! c:

would be cool to see some thralls.
but what about animations? just curious

[ btw I’m Maggie of RU wikia, hi! ]

(I draw all da things \ >w< /) #9

Lowlines, your the real MVP!
Whenever I draw, I always cant get a good references.
So this helps a lot! :blue_heart:

(PSN: SoloSmile (Lazy faff-about)) #10

This saves me a lot of time googling low res screen shots!

Thanks Lowlines, and HOLY SMOKES Attikus He’s practically GODZILLA!!!

Hot damn!!

(Deandes in crime) #11

Nice! Definitely be using these when it comes to drawing.

I have a request if you don’t mind. Do you think you could possibly get a Varelsi Scaven for moi, s’il vous plaît? That would be really helpful to me! Thanks in advance!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #12

I hope Orendi refs are up soon.

This is a awesome resource.

(SDEN) #13

PERFECT, please make a reference for all 30 pls

(lowlines - PS4) #14

I plan to, it just unfortunately takes time to do them. :sunglasses:

(Australian Lite™) #15

Hmm. I spent a fair amount of time messing with UModel with Borderlands, trying to extract weapon models and such, but it was a lot of hassle. As it seems you’ve managed to do basically the same thing, is there any chance you could upload the 3D models somewhere? Even if it’s just the weapons, I’d really appreciate it.

(lowlines - PS4) #16

It’s the Wraith of Bliss herself!!

Plus one more! (2 per day seems like a good pace :sunglasses:).


Had to update this one after realizing the cracked part of his helmet was on the wrong side >_<

(Deandes in crime ) #17

OH! Do Deande! I need to see the detailing on the war fans for…uhm…reasons. just a little pet project ive been kicking around for months.

(lowlines - PS4) #18

Actually atm her war fans aren’t currently rendering properly… they’re just yellow :confused:

I think they might be using a type of custom texture masking I haven’t yet implemented into my viewer.

(SDEN) #19

jaight just need shayne & aurox then please

(lowlines - PS4) #20

Shayne and Aurox kind of count as 2 and I’ve been doing 2 per day so…