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Friday 4:23am in fact. I really should go to bed…

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I have another question, after hitting up Wikipedia for five minutes, if you don’t mind…

@lowlines and @Benedict_87, feel free to answer as well, if my five minutes of research wasn’t enough…

What inspired “Finisci”? I don’t see anything close to it for any penguin species’ scientific name.

And is it pronounced “Fin-isk-E”, “Fin-is-sigh” or “Fin-is-C”, because i’ve been using the former. Thank you guys in advance for any help!

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Spheniscus. I bastardized the word a bit to make it a little easier to read and pronounce. A little. :slight_smile:

I pronounce it “fin-ISK-ee”.

On The Origins of Aviants
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That also explains Toby yelling so much!

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PLs do Reyna, Phoebe,

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The Humboldt, Galápagos, and Magelllanic Penguins are part of the same genus, though. They’re not all necessarily jackasses!

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Too easy.

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Getting back on topic…I have gotten a bunch of requests for Reyna despite there being an Official Cosplay Guide for her, but I ended up doing one anyway. The transparency on her cape is a bit iffy and I also had a few more closeup reference shots, but I decided to restrict the number of closeup shots in favour of bigger full body shots.


Added Varelsi Conservator.


Question. If I were to do a stream documenting the process I go through to create these reference guides…Would people watch it?

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That would be really cool! I would watch it!:blue_heart:

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Whenever someone asks if I have x, I tend to respond with “I have all teh things!”, so it only made sense that this guy showed up eventually out of sheer stubbornness! Gonna start splitting out weapons onto their own pages too so I’m not having to cram them all into one. :sunglasses:

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Oooh that looks very nice! I wonder… the floaty bits on it’s shoulders and back, does anybody else get Caldy-vibes from that? I love how delicate the conservators look, to be honest.

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Caldarius, Aria, Beatrix, … Yes, was actually noticing that the other night during the conservator fight in the Phoebe Story Op.

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Had to add a few more close up shots to capture all the detailed spots in her design.


Oh look! I found a washed up nobody!

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Ever found it odd how Ambra glides around the same way as Calderius, but without the fancy suit and wing things that he, Beatrix, Ambra, and the Conservator have? Ambra moves the same way as Phoebe, but is much older. So did Phoebe “appropriate” the tech from the Jennerit (kind of like Hyperion with TK Baha’s Wave Rifle)? Clearly there is a need for more lore reveals here…

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Pretty much everything you see with Ambra is part of her outfit. She even wearing a skin tight body suit. I’d put my money on her headdress alllowing her to levitate though, that and her boots.

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@JoeKGBX (Re: Twitter) stuff is organised in the original post.

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I think it’s just her sheer disgust to standing on the ground with all the dust and grime.

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Oh – I more meant I’d like to try and figure out a cool way to feature them/make them more widely available.

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Can you do that for all fan creations? Some of us like to waste chunks of their day just looking at all the fanart people draw for the games they are really passionate about. :sunglasses:
I’ve already suggested getting a Community section like made where ppl can submit stuff and it goes up on a wall. The Gearbox one is nice, but kind of hidden away and doesn’t get updated that often.