Unofficial Fanart & Cosplay Reference Guides

(lowlines - PS4) #84

To add to this, I’ve also been encouraging artists I find to use Twitter as it seems to be the best platform for getting stuff out in front of the devs and to connect with other fans. Some people also don’t feel comfortable using the forums (#FanCreations) and/or see it as a sleeping beast that could wake at any moment (and some are downright permabanned). There’s also little pocket communities in places like Tumblr that don’t seem to get a lot of exposure. A neutral place for ppl to strut their stuff would be awesome I think, especially if it had a snazzy mobile friendly UI.

(lowlines - PS4) #85

Since I am going to be locked in my room for the next 72 hours playing Breath of the Wild, I thought I’d try and push out a few more of these today while not much is happening.


…here comes the ass hat (@Benedict_87)! Note: This one also has an official guide, which I suggest you check out as well.

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #86

Yeah… I’m seein’ my ass, but where’s the damn hat? Friggin’ false advertisin’ man.

(lowlines - PS4) #87

Forums was censoring it without the space in the middle.

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #88

Oh. Ya were just callin’ me an ■■■■■■. Got it. Excuse me a second…

Hastily calls his agent to make sure they call off the plan to create several hundred posterior wool coverings before @lowlines can capitalize on the market…

(lowlines - PS4) #89

And one more. This one took a while because I had to separate her Injector and shift things around a bit to take clear pictures. Her Injector also lacks all those amazing vfx you see in-game. Maybe one day I’ll be able to render Beatrix in all her glory. :heart_eyes:

(lowlines - PS4) #90

Had an opportunity to do another one today. Really enjoying the new Zelda game and the Switch.

(I draw all da things \ >w< /) #91

Hey @lowlines, I’ve really been loving (and appreciate) the references you’ve been pumping out!
I was wondering, could you do one of Phoebe? I’m working on this little project and it would help me immensely!

(lowlines - PS4) #92

Hey @cyanized227! Are you aware there’s an official reference guide for Phoebe?

I believe some of her sabre’s are stored what’s called a “StaticMesh” file, which is a format for model data with no moving parts (ie bones). I don’t yet have the means to extract these, which means her guide will be missing references for some of her kit. I can still do one however if the official guide doesn’t quite meet your needs.

(I draw all da things \ >w< /) #93

I wasn’t aware there was already one out there. This should do it! Thank you very much!

(lowlines - PS4) #94

(I draw all da things \ >w< /) #95

Just checked that out, yup this will definitely help me in the future!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #96

Hey @lowlines when you can peel yourself away from Zelda, mind throwing an Orendi my way? :smiley: Pretty Please with a dead kitten on top? D:

(ujellynoobface) #97

yo lowlines, is there any chance you could send the alani model file my way? pretty please with a riptide on top?

(lowlines - PS4) #98

Have you checked out the official Cosplay Guides?

(lowlines - PS4) #99

So hey, it’s been a few months, I’ve been off doing this and that. But now I am (very) slowly getting back into the rhythm of things and revisiting half finished projects to see what I can do.

Here’s Montana. I do have a pose shot but he’s such a massive dude that I couldn’t fit all of him on one page without shrinking the size of his head even further so I chose to leave it out for version 1.

You might have noticed that he’s missing his backpack. That is because it is a static mesh stored in another file and unfortunately, I don’t yet have the means to extract the model data.


And Kelvin.


Also Miko. Again Kunai are static meshes so I can’t extract them at this time (the majority of characters I haven’t done yet have static components).

(30% more flak) #100

“Miko’s severed head”

Yeah that’s not macabre at all!

Also, I came to ask if you were going to make guides for the rest of the Varelsi? It would be nice to have one of the Berserkers/Hunters.

(lowlines - PS4) #101

Oh totally, the main issue has been getting my viewer up to the point where I can actually render more complex characters without a considerable time investment manually positioning all the components. Most enemy types use a shared base model, which is then layered on with extra bits.

The other thing is since I did those last couple of reference guides, I am now able to playback animations so I can do a lot more with these than I could before.

(30% more flak) #102

That’s awesome, can’t wait to see what you can come up with! Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done for the community :slight_smile: You rock!

(lowlines - PS4) #103

Here’s a very special out of the blue addition to this collection of character reference guides! Featuring everybody’s favourite Spymaster, Deande!

So I kinda stopped doing these cos I found it easier to just take a bunch of screenshots and post them on twitter, but for whatever reason, I decided to do this one as an actual reference guide, so enjoy! (Also sorry for posting this 5 months late!)