Unofficial Lore Bible Discussion

Since the creation of this wonderful little corner of the forums, I have had my Lore Bible project on the brain.

I’ve created this thread to talk about potential additions/inconsistencies with stuff I’ve posted, and (if anyone’s game) a place where others can submit write ups for pages on anything related to lore, the added benefit being that @dante_d_silva might give it a read over and consult with the Council of Loremasters to make sure stuff is accurate.

If you wish to talk about things like features and bugs, use the original thread I posted in #battleborn:general-discussion.

I had hoped to get around to doing a regular write up and gradually fill out the bible with Wikipedia-like summaries, but I think it’s going to be a while before I get back to it again.

A while back, I did a write up for Caldarius, which is the type of write up I would like to do for other characters and areas of interest.

I’m fairly behind with the tagging of Battleplan lores and other news articles, but I’ll try and put some time aside to work on it over the next couple of weeks.