Unofficial Tier List

Sup everyone! With Battleborn going into a month of being out, I think it’s time a tier list be made! I went ahead and made a quick tier list based off of what I have seen with each character along with a general consensus of a character. That being said, I understand every has their favorite characters and will make a case on why so and so should be higher or lower and whatnot. So let’s use this thread to sort that stuff out! So without further ado, check it:

Alani (Waterbending maybe a bit OP)
Oscar Mike (cod players rejoice)
Miko (you thought you had that kill, huh?)
Galilea (yes, still)

Ambra (dinosaur hater)
Kelvin (Freeze tag ftw)
Melka (Beware Gali players)
Orendi (just plain freaky…)
Thorn (Kill steal galore)
Shayne & Aurox (Aurox AD carries)

Benedict (always somewhere you can’t reach)
Ghalt (Scorpion would be proud)
Kleese (What nice shields you have there…)
Montana (target practice)
Marquis (you almost got away)
Phoebe (poke)
Rath (Still, Still not a vampire)
Reyna (thanks for the shield mom)

Boldur (a great decoy)
Caldarius (Epilepsy is not cool)
El Dragon (Rey Mysterio on roids)
ISIC (still better than Internet Explorer)
Toby (one little buff from B tier)

Attikus (no)
Deande (probably a Gemini)
Whiskey Foxtrot (Has A tier potential)

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Remember, this is not final or official in anyway. This is just a draft to discuss where each character should be placed! Go ham!

I feel isic is still a or b material even after the nerf, whiskey is definitely a bit higher,but depends on the system being played on.

Deande is definitely at least in the b catagory in my book.

I’m hoping they buff attikus at least to where he passive gains charges for his abilities as having to get kills is a little much and it encourages people to get angry that someone kill stole rather than kill secured as it gimps his ability to be effective in a fight as you get no charges for an assist.

These are just a few of my thoughts and one non a change that would help bump one of my favorite characters up a tier or two.

still think akitus is way better than most people give him credit for. alani will be adjusted soon so she wont be S for long i assume.

By no means are D tier characters automatically weak. I personally think Attikus could use a buff to his kit to make him more effective and Whiskey could do with a faster Ult. But I have seen players do good with these characters, it’s just very rare that you do

Personally, I find Orendi to be more in the B group due to the low base damage on normal attacks (Miko’s Kunai have more stopping power plus poison over time), low base health and the lack of radius on the SFP compared to Alani’s geyser (this changes with the level 10 mutation of course) so after Alani’s arrival I’d like to see Orendi get a tiny buff (Alani has more power as a support than Orendi as an attacker) then I’d swap Marquis into the A group since his power is insane with no gear buffs (kind of surprised to see his base damage of 250-300 scoped shots not get any reduction yet). Don’t even get me started on Galilea though even after 3 nerfs haha she still has access to all forms of CC plus a ranged attack (which she maybe shouldn’t have as a melee character) haha just my opinion but I agree with most of your tier list nice work. :slight_smile:


Boldur too low. Boldur too strong.

Save for a few characters, this looks like a tier list of ease of play, not their whole potential. Boldur is, IMO, the best tank in the game with eave clear potential that rivals Gal. She disrupts better, but still loses to an enraged Boldur (Most things do), and the latter can harass due to sheer survivability.

Er… Wave clear potential? Hes got the worst wave clear in the game until 5+, dont wanna waste an ulti on a wave but at least by then he can survive in lane long enough to mess up minions. When hes high level sure he can wipe a wave with just axe swings real fast but Gali from level 1-10 just clears waves passively, she tries to dive heroes in lane and the minions die around her.

But yeah there are not a lot of dangerous boldur players, so his power is not reflected in the tier lists, it was the same way in beta.


Huh. I more meant that with rage and his wide swings, you just go in, kill minions, survive everything and fall back. I prefer Boldur over Gal since he can survive easier without heal support. Not to mention dash shield + axe toss speed is a great way to back off if things get hot.

Save for there being an OM, Orendi or Thorn, I always have the most minion kills with him. I dont use the axe for wave clears, I just go in and brawl it out.

Not a fan of this list, S tier really doesn’t exist in this game in my opinion as of right now, considering none of the battleborn you listed are going to sway a team into a massive advantage like Pre-Nerf Ambra would. Orendi and kelvin are lower, while Marquis and Kleese are easily higher. Ambra is B tier, El Dragon and Toby are higher, and more. It seems the more skillful characters are a lot lower imo


I disagree. I’ve turned the tide of battle with Alani. I’ve also done the same with Gal.

Alani and Rath working together is beastly(I haven’t found a Gal to play with, or a better person to team up with). Enemies can’t get away, and Rath already has crazy hp steal. Add that to your heals and he’ll never go down and nobody will ever survive long enough to get to you.

And with Gal all you need is to be level 3(I like to play it safe until 3) and stay at 100% health. Having a healer helps here. Being 5 is icing as you’ll have really high attack speed(+50% with items) and if you can’t kill somebody once every 20 seconds then you either weren’t full health, or… well I dunno what.

I also personally want Oscar to get a nerf. No, it’s not that I die to him a lot, because I honestly don’t. But almost “anybody” can do well with him. If you can pick up a character, and get high kills or high damage with little to no understanding, then that character is a definite S rank.

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I have to completely disagree, if you find yourself playing against Alani + Rath/Galilea, you’re going to need to focus on the Alani and be in a 2v2. By pushing the Alani back and damaging her while damaging the Rath, you’ll be able to either kill the Alani or force her to retreat, allowing you to kill the Rath, or both. Raths life steal also isn’t that significant

As for Oscar Mike, he’s just an easy character to play and he’s perfectly balanced. Yes, you can kill easily, but there’s a low skill ceiling and a skilled player won’t do much better as opposed to a skilled player using El Dragon, etc who have a higher skill ceiling.

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Wait, Deande D tier? Okay, I’m positive this is a list that’s subject to character difficulty. Tiers don’t take into account player skill. They assume the character is being player at their max potential versus everyone at max potential.

You’ve likely never played a fighting game with actual S tiers and D tiers in it. Trust me. This game has at worst C(+) and at best A (Even going as low as C is stretching it, IMO). There is no gap bigger than that.


While difficulty doesn’t affect their play (obviously Oscar Mike), I considered every character at their max potential and how effective they would be in a game. Deande is no game changer, even at max potential, compared to someone like Alani who, at max potential, is rivaled by none.

Lastly, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had done S to D or 1-5, the message of the tier list is clear for everyone to debate. If people feel like Galilea is equal to Thorn or that Whiskey is as effective as Oscar Mike, they can state why and we can adjust from there. But if you honestly think the difference between Attikus and Alani is only 2 levels, explain why and if it sounds good we can make adjustments. Simple

I made this list with everyone being at their best, meaning it will be no simple task to “just do this” against the characters. Remember, the people you play against have a brain. With Alani, even if you push her back, she can push you back, while pushing minions forward and healing players, give them a speed boost, heal herself or, her teammate, stun you in a bubble for 1.5 seconds while keeping her distance from you. (And this isn’t even considering a master Rath who can silence, slow, and of course Dreadwind)
I said this because “how easy is it to exploit a characters weakness” is a huge factor to me. Alani and OM have weaknesses but they aren’t that exploitable and it’s very difficult to exploit, while characters like Toby it’s very easy to exploit.

It just looks like this list is being evaluated in a vacuum, which makes no sense given this is a team based game. You say Deande is no game changer like Alani, but given Deande has really, really good assassination tools, she can burst the same game changing Alani in a short amount of time with the Alani not knowing what’s happening until she’s almost dead. Any well played assassin can target 3/4 of the S tier and scare them off/kill them, while avoiding the fourth.

Before we decide why they’re only two steps apart, we need to determine what each tier means, and the discrepancy in power between them all. In my experience from fighting games (Including team based ones), S tier means you need to know everything about that character, know how to play against them since they are going to be picked the overwhelmingly vast majority of the time, and be prepared to play them at any time. D tier typically means almost unplayable/Dead on Arrival, especially when an S tier exists. S tier means 0 weaknesses (Old Galilea and Ambra) and D tier means no matter how hard to try, mastering that character will only lead to failure against someone semi-competent with an S tier, and that disparity does not exist in this game.

We all need to be on the same page as what ranking means what and why before we can formulate lists. That’s why + and - will be in many tier lists, since differences in power can be so minimal, but still do exist and must be acknowledged.

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Definitely agree with this, and it’s exactly why I find there not to be an S tier. I don’t think there are any characters that are actually unplayable either, although I feel Deande, who you mentioned, is on the weaker side of the spectrum after playing her for a while.

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I see what you are saying, but you are reading too far into this for where this list it right now. The rankings S-D are generally well understood by everyone here so far. All the + and - can wait until we have a general idea of where everyone belongs. Because it honestly doesn’t matter right now. I could have easily used numbers and this conversation may not have happened. But, for the purpose of this tier list, let’s go by relativity; in that S tier simply means the strongest characters in the game as compared to others while D tier means the weakest characters. Can we do that before tweaking the + and - of the tiers?

All right. That is agreeable

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S tier should be reserved for characters considered broken. (Pre-nerf Ambra, etc.) A tier is characters that are above average and could warrant a slight change, while B is balanced and is considered so by every tier list I’ve seen. C is characters that warrant a buff, while D is for characters that will always be at a disadvantage even with a higher skill level. That’s in my opinion what the tiers should be and I think you should openly state that first