Unofficial Tier List

If Thorn is in the A tier, Marquis should definitely be in the A tier… He has a slow that can do dot, a passive that grants +50% dmg on the 2nd/3rd shot, and has traps which can do aoe. His learning curve is really not that high due to bullets doing instant damage if the trigger pull occurred on the enemy. He’s also an AD powerhouse and probably one of the safest Battleborn to play if you don’t want to die at all.

If you can learn how to use his ult properly, you can easily one shot any eldrid (except kelvin)


Deande and El Dragon should be A ! Seriously Deande is so underestimated, my enemies just ignore her and then I kill them . I don’t know why people suck with her?My first match I went 7:0 on meltdown, having the second most kills. Then I main El dragon so beware my splash. My best with him was 15:2 and 12:0!

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I have to stop you there. Deande, in the right hands can absolutely change the game. As Alani with a Miko, my team got decimated. Now this is all circumstantial of course. Some of my teammates were morons, but she was the deciding factor in taking the win. Honestly it comes down to who is in control. Anyone can be a badass with anyone and that is the greatest part of the game.

I also feel some chracters are geared for PvP, while others are better with PvE. Atticus gets talked alot here as being the worst. I can solo any mission on Advanced Harcore and not break a sweat with him. His PvP game is sorely lacking though, especially in Incursion/capture.

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I think Deande can be C tier, but would not choose her over Rath or Phoebe. Her potential is high, but even in the hands of high leveled players I haven’t seen much of an impact from Deande. I only speak from experience, but does anyone here think she is as good as Rath or Phoebe?

I believe this list is specifically for PVP. This game is currently balanced around PVP(as much as I hate it). PVE tier list would have Thorn in the S tier, for example.

I do find it funny when I play alone and pick Kelvin and the game says “Are you sure you want to play as Kelvin for this stage?!” Well, paraphrased, of course.


Rath should be higher. Either A rank, or the best B rank there is. Comparing him to Kelvin, I’ve never done a double take or had to rethink my approach when I walk into a fight against Kelvin. Against Rath I’ll generally ping him, make sure I can build a turret, and have my CC off cooldown(depending on who I’m playing). They both have the capacity to run away, but Rath can kill faster and sustain longer. Kelvin starts to snowball later on, but Rath will gear up faster than anybody else, and keep the other team from even making it to level 5.

I’m pretty sure nothing beats a level 10 boldur. Nothing. Pound for pound, he can take on anyone at that point. He gets bullied before 5, and does the bullying after 5.


Rath was almost A tier for me. Only reason I said B was because of how fragile he is. Also the thing about Kelvin, as rare as you see him, he is quite underrated. I consider him the hardest enemy to kill next to Boldur, but I can see why he can be B tier. I said he was A because of that absurd amount of increasing health, plus, the best and safest stun in the game with his freeze tag ability. And with Boldur, I debated whether I should toss him into B tier but the only questions about him is his early game and his lack of offense (which is obviously his character, a defensive minded character) but these are all great inputs

Boldur’s offense just needs about 9-10% attack speed gear to start (Sub 400 shard sword) at the start, and then around another 5% on hit from crit goggles or damages gloves (Get both if you’re feeling brave), and his offense is fine. Hell, you can shield cancel his strike and he attacks way faster (I recall hearing it’s great until 13+% attack speed) this has diminishing returns when you factor in stacked attack speed and the cleave swings/2x(?) damage mod on the last attack.

His greatest strength is engaging a wave and being able to finish the clear and push on despite whatever is attacking him, or just harass and hold enemies for a really, really long time lol. He has the best defense in the game to start, and it only gets better with the match, but his offense never stops increasing. He’s slow to start, but leveling doesn’t increase any character’s power like it does Boldur’s. He goes from decent tank to unkillable (When smart) powerhouse that no character can comfortably 1v1. I’ve been triple stunned and wailed on before, but I was raging so i just held the line at the enemy’s base lol.

Level 2 he can rage, help clear a wave, and keep on truckin’ and ragin’. Level 5 he can sustain, eat ridiculous damage, kill fleeing opponents easily, give chase given the exploding axes slow and his speed buff. He gets more base axe damage at 7 (At this point I think him raging with attack speed gear might be the most devastating auto attacking melee save a level 7 Attikus) at 8 or 9 his health pool can skyrocket with a well timed clear, and at 10 he can conceivably deal 300+ per hit with his axe.

That’s one rock solid character.

As for Deande. Well, I’ve seen her juggle a Montana to death and have had several of her clones wound me badly or just straight up kill me. I think when it comes to picking off an injured enemy, no one does it better. Rath is more a ganker/Duelist, but Deande rewards a clever mind more than pretty much any character.

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I think WF needs a health buff, and the napalm choice needs to be given earlier.

Atticus is much better late game. He’s like El Dragon is that regard, and theres a mutation that makes him B tier.

As for Deande… really? only D? She deserves at least B tier. She’s tricky to use, but once you learn her mechanics, she’s near impossible to kill.

I just really don’t feel Deande has that potential. She just feels like one of those characters that you rely on your team to do well. I’ve gotten her to level 11, so I have a decent understanding of her although by no means am I amazing at playing her. She just feels like she’s lacking in the ability to swing a team of noobs like I can with Mellka and S&A, although that comes down to me I feel like. Although I like the idea of her character she just doesn’t mesh well w my playstyle

Boldur is better than galilea currently. Seriously. I’m a master of both (I didn’t play gal before all the nerfs). Most people don’t know how to play him, but while gal may get more kills, Boldur will almost never die and will hold the front line forever.

S-tier no longer exists.
Every character can be shut down by every other character now.

D-tier also doesn’t exist. The characters you put down have a high skill floor, but all have huge returns for anyone who gets past that floor. I just came out of a Quadrakill Attikus stomp (no premades and no Miko on my team either) and have a bunch of other fun games with him so far.
I’ve also seen Whiskeys and Dedes who have absolutely annihilated teams in their own ways due to the players knowing how to play those characters.

D-tier only applies to characters that are never going to do any good, so there is no D in this game.
Tier lists should consider characters are being played at their highest skill levels, remember.

The game tells me that with every character i solo story with. Getting over 100k points with Atticus on my first try of Sabotueur advanced hardcore. Silly game.

We have been over the tier thing man. We will fix it up more once we sort out where everyone belongs.

But most people agree Attikus and Whiskey are on the lower end of the tier list while Alani and Oscar Mike are the better characters in the game. I have seen Whiskeys and Attikus do great but in my experience playing against them, their best game is average for someone like Alani who is clearly S tier due to her being so effective. Her presence is ALWAYS felt, basically like a long range Galilea. But with Alani it has nothing to do with damage. She is Oscar Mike on steroids.
Is there anything about Alani you guys can tell me that shows she shouldn’t be an S class character? Please let me know, I am asking.

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Not much of a fan of this list. The descriptions are not helpful and there is no explanation as to why you would put them there. There are champions so far down (ISIC) I’m convinced you haven’t played much of them.

There’s also quite a few tier lists already, mine included, which are more descriptive.

Then go to your tier list. The point of this is not to be am end-all-be-all list. This is a discussion, to discuss the placement of characters. The descriptions are simply playful as I am quite sure most of the people in this discussion have a general idea of how strong and weak a character is. Now, if they want to know why a character is in a certain place, they should ask rather than me forcing a whole book down your throats of why every character is in each tier. You guys are intelligent and I am treating you as such. If you don’t know why Alani is a top tier character, then I can gladly point you to the long ongoing thread about why she needs a nerf, but for now, I will entertain your, “complaint” about ISIC.

In my personal experience, he has never been a threat. I have played against MANY ISICS, and never felt they were a necessary threat to take seriously. I am well aware of what he can do and it doesn’t scare me. Especially because I feel that IN GAME, not on paper, ISIC is lacking. Now, your experience may be different. Maybe you plated against some Godlike ISICS who get 25 kills a game. That’s where you come in, and state why you feel he should be higher. But from what I have seen in game, even the greatest ISIC player only shifts the game moderately

Welp, since ISIC has been my first rank 15 character, and I’ve carried by myself countless games with him, so I’m well aware of how powerful he is. Once he hits H5 he can pretty much permanently slow you from any distance until you break line of sight with him, and his AoE stun is deadly. Left alone he can solo both sentries on Overgrowth, and he can easily push both lanes on Paradise alone. He usually always have the best Damage dealt at the end of the game. In team fights he doesn’t even need to ult; just keep slowing the melees away, line them up, then AoE stun and let your team clean up while you hit the backlines with your Reflect shield and slows. Even Thorn, which is a massive pain to hit due to her miniscule frame and bunny jumps, is easy to hit and kill for ISIC.

He’s definitely one of the strongest heroes right now, and his nerf didn’t make him any less dangerous in DPS

i agree with many, but strongly disagree with at least a few. i guess it depends on the game mode. as far as meltdown is concerned, i think you are sleeping on caldarius, boldur, isic, kleese, and deande. definitely all a tier players. so is marquis, tbh.

No doubt man, that’s why you guys are here. To make cases for players I may have overlooked! I think it’s easier to make a list this way.