Unplayable and getting worse(closed 2 minutes after posting with no response)

I love borderlands. I scheduled three days off to play 3 when it dropped. I’ve spent close to 200 hours in the first month playing. it’s fun for a week at a time. It’s starting to feel like Everytime I log in, my character is weaker. My guns and skills are constantly being nerfed. I have spent countless hours farming for the best weapons and gear only to find that when I start playing they no longer do anything. My wife will no longer play couch coop due to the horrible lag and frame rate. But at least the fun build I have is no longer op in a pve game. I am to the point where I am moving from a dedicated player to maybe picking this back up in a few months once everything is figured out. I was a big fan of the division games at first and I am getting flashbacks of a fun game that is consistently getting worse, but without the pvp concerns. I have struggled to find a good build that lasts longer than a few days. Please fix this. Please.

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