Unplayable game

Hi Gearbox,
How many posts on forums do you need to find à fix ??

It’s been since the launch i opened à ticket with the support and they didn’t have find any solutions.

Please Gearbox, fix your damn game !
It’s not up to us to find a “McGiver-like” fix !
You choose to release it early before Overwatch, but don’t release a game of it is not optimized and tested properly !

You are just loosing credibility and esteem from us… simple costumers and players.

It takes longer than a week to dig through all the coding in a game let alone find the issue and recode to fix it. In the words of obiwan kenobi “patience young padawan”


If it takes long time to do that so do that before the game release !
It’s bad to release a game where about 15% of the player base can’t play it !
I prefer wait 2 months more but when it’s ready, I install it and play it and I enjoy it.

It’s one of those issues that can not truly be discovered by a select few people playing. A lot of issues are not made known until it is released and thousands of people are playing world wide considering some issues are region specific

It seems to not be related on GPU, High or Low end, AMD or nVidia, no matters, i think it’s related to CPU.
The FPS issue seems to always be with Intel Core I7.
Maybe a difficulty about 8 cores,
Or it can be a “Memory thing” issue.

I wish I could tell you. And I hope they fix this issue for you when they drop the big update in a couple of weeks

Well I have an i5 and my issues is performance, but also that the game is locking both my GPUS to 100% usage even in the menus and my cpu is at 30%