Unplayable on the standard ps4

The game is really laggy and the movement feels very clunky for me, if you open your inv or skill tree it freezes also. Does anybody got the same issues? I was so hyped to play it and now i cant even enjoy it, BL 2 feels waaaaaaaaaaaay smoother then BL 3. Well its Launch day so I hope they will fix this soon, gonna play BL2 till they do :frowning:


Same issues here. Split screen is unbearable, words too small, and so damn laggy when anyone opens the echo screen. Gold PS4 and 65" UHD here and I have to stand a couple feet from the TV to read anything.


Damn its so sad, so many people got problems :frowning: Such a bad launch day, i really really hope they will fix it soon.


Agreed. It’s worse than Anthem at launch at this point


I’m at work and my copy for PC was JUST delivered by UPS about 20 minutes ago (I pre-ordered the Loot Chest Collector’s Edition from Gamestop during the, like, 5 minutes it was available in early May) so I haven’t even been able to install it yet. Did any of you have a Day One Update? :thinking:

Well the game is great if it would run better, for some people it works fine and some people have input laggs like me :confused:

Yup and the day 1 update hasn’t addressed the major issues yet either

There was an update shortly after I started playing it last night(on PS4).

It’s definitely not as smooth as BL2, but …I wouldn’t go so far to say that it’s unplayable. BL2 is using an older Unreal engine and runs at 60FPS whereas BL3 is capped at 30FPS for the standard PS4.

Entering into menus/Ammo vendors also causes some lag/frame drops.

It would be nice if the overall experience was improved. It would be totally awesome if they could achieve 60FPS on the standard PS4, but it may never be an option due to hardware limitations.

Now I wish I had gone with the PS4 pro. That said, I’m sure there will be several updates/fixes released in the near future.

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It honestly is super hard to aim with a framerate this low. It also feels as if it had some severe input lag, I am honestly super disappointed and would get a refund if I could…


Agree, i am super disappointed as well and 100€ is a lot of money for me. I wouldnt pay that on any other game, but i just freaking love the BL series. :frowning:


We aren’t able to play it either. There’s so many issues with this, it is unplayable. I shouldn’t have to sit 3 feet from my tv just to barely see the text on screen. The menus from the bottom player’s screen bleed and overlap onto player 1’s screen. Sound cuts out or gets muffled randomly. Sometimes after selling something, the invo menu would go crazy and the weapon pictured was not matching the details blurb on screen so I would accidentally sell something I didn’t mean to. The menus are trash and look awful, lag horribly, and lag my partner’s screen so bad it basically locks their Amara in place. I have no idea why they changed the menus so much from 2 and Pre-Sequel but wow I hate it. It looks like an alpha build. They could have kept the same UI and made updates, but this? Ugh.
We ended up returning the game because it was unplayable to for us. I’ll get a copy of it once the issues are fixed.

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Out of curiosity, is this split screen or solo? I’ve been playing solo and I’ve had my PS4 since launch. I haven’t seen any significant issues. Gunplay feels a little rough, but that will just take some getting used to.

We were playing split screen. We got the game to specifically play together and all these issues have popped up there. We had the text issue before the screen split for co-op gameplay, however.

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Anyone is having issues with it auto recording gameplay ? That could def be one of the things that slows everything down…

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Unplayable on Xbox One too. Just brutal.

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Unplayable. Not fun at all. Lag and latency unacceptable on ps4 standard.

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Same here. It’s worse for split screen but still have the same issues solo. We were so excited to play it together and now it’s not even very enjoyable. Plus never received our bonus content or golden keys for preordering. Definitely not a good experience so far.

Same for me have base ps4 with ssd but the framerate is so bad I am unable to proper play the gane

Hm…sucks to hear that. While it is almost a giving that few people have issues at launch, but it should not be that bad. While solo is pretty fine, PC and Xbox(ok the text is small at some places), Splitscreen seems horrible. Hope it gets fixed soon. But i do not have hopes for that. I remember Paul Sage saying that adding Splitscreen is really tough and it needs a lot of work. Thats why it is dying out

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No problem for me, game runs like it’s meant to with no problems (other than subtitles covering the whole screen left to right).

I’m using the first roll out of the slim PS4, with a disc copy of the game, in the UK. My work mates in the same area, all on various PS4s, all but one playing on disc versions have had no issues either, the only lad I personally know that has, owns an Xbox one and he took his copy back a few days after launch after it kept hard resetting his console, which makes me glad I chose not to save £5 on Amazon and get the XO version.

Just trying to add something that shows two sides to the argument, it’s not unplayable on the PS4 for everyone, the sooner there’s a link found between all the ones that don’t work, the sooner it’ll get fixed.

There has to be some reason so many people are have game breaking experiences, and some aren’t having any at all, especially playing on the same format. Hopefully someone makes the connection that links it all and fixes it before the game bombs.