Unpopular: game breaking new shields, bugs and UI problems

Like I said in the title, I know this is probably going to be a divisive subject but I think the Re-Volter and Infernal Wish are just too much. I know we all like to find ways to dish out more and more damage but this just seems silly. The introduction of these two shields pretty much invalidates all the rest of the shields in the game. Previously, shields being primarily defensive items only added damage conditionally (AMP) or gave only a small damage boost when it was a passive (Old God). Now we have two shields both of which give a bigger damage boost than pretty much any anointment so from now on everyone looking to max their damage is going to use Infernal Wish + Elemental Projector or the Re-Volter with ASS shield break because simply put - there is little to no point using anything else right now. Imho no shield should have a passive or easily constantly activated damage boost that is this high. My proposition would be to lower the Re-Volter to +100% Shock damage and to make the Infernal Wish add a projectile every 5th shot or so. I’m not saying these are ideal solutions, I’m just throwing it out there because I’m convinced that something needs to be done about these two since they render every other shield in the game obsolete and they do it without any real downsides (Infernal Wish’s downside actually isn’t one at all since you can benefit from it using a Elemental Projector making it even more ridiculous).


As most people know by now Infernal Wish is bugged where it doesn’t carry it’s unique bonus over when you reset your game or when you unequip and re-equip it again.

Guardian Rank seems to have a bug where if you hit 850 it stops the guardian rank progress bar from working (XP and Guardian Tokens still progress as normal after that point).

UI problems:

What’s with the color scheme in this game ? Why is the Vault Card XP progress bar green ? I know this is a minor complaint but the UI in this game is starting to look like a christmast tree. Why not yellow ? Yellow is after all the main colour of the Bortherlands theme and I think both the Vault Card progress bar and the Vault Card level up notifications should appear in yellow, the pink GR progress bar is bad enough imo.

The frequent overlap between the XP numbers of the Guardian Rank bar and the Vault Card bar is another thing that needs to be looked into.

Could you please remove the radiation glow effect from the character while the Re-Volter enrage bonus is in effect ? The visual cue (electric arcs on each side of the screen) is enough for the player to know the buff is on, otherwise what’s the point of having a skin if you’re goin to annoyingly glow yellow all the time ? Besides, other players really do not need to know what buff you have on at any given moment.


Yes the overlapping XP text is really something they overlooked and they should remediate.
It’s not that you constantly would check that, but still it’s really :frowning: when you see it.

Funny, I just watched a video on the Roland’s Turret shield and thought that was insane and broke the game.

I figured your thread was about that one, didn’t know they just said F IT and went nuts with the shields.

Infernal Wish adds an extra projectile to every shot just like Zane’s Playing Dirty. As a drawback it sets you on fire, but you can use that to get another +117% elemental damage boost on top of the additional projectile by using any artifact with a elemental projector prefix. Re-Volter gives you a +200% bonus shock dmg for 15 seconds on shield break and all you need to do to make that pretty much permanent is roll ASA trigger shield break/fill. As this wasn’t enough It also boosts melee, grenade and certain action skill damage (Zane’s drone for instance) similar to uRad. If you thought Super Soldier was broken you should pick up one of those up… These are goddamn shields mind you… and they outdamage gun anointments… at no cost… O_o

The main level up bar is yellow so if the vault card level up was also yellow you’d have two yellow bars on top of each other. people would complain about that even more.

I’m a little confused about the infernal wish comment: haven’t used the shield, but wouldn’t every single item in the game lose it’s perks if you unequipped it or reset the game?

I very much doubt GBX will adjust anything before the Cartels event drops. They will want to see just how broken the OPQ is at 65M10 before they go in with the nerf hammer. For now, they may just be biding their time and seeing how it all goes. Took them months to adjust commitment (and then, imvho, they overnerfed it) so I can’t see them adjusting these current interactions yet.

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How so? It’s completely in line with all of Zanes kill skills. And it is still a fantastic skill that Amara could only dream of.


It’s not that. When you unequip/re-equip it no longer gives you the extra projectile per shot. It’s like if you did the same with a gun and it stopped being able to shoot afer being re-equipped. Same with the reset scenario. Your logic is flawed to say the least good Sir.

I have a lv 65 ( modded for sure) urad and ch1 and it does just about good. Not reeaaaally broken as one might picture, at least not the gun alone without a proper build supporting it, I’m sure it performs decently for what it is.

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Oh, I dunno, Clone with a Transformer and an OPQ just about cleared all the regular maps without the player having to fire a shot…

Dude, the Clone clears everything out regardless of what gun you give him, how does that still surprise you at this stage ?

I’m not sure what logic I was using. I was just asking a question b/c I didn’t understand what the poster was saying.

Clone is just a BADASS itself :heart: but seriously it is a super good weapon, it fits well in every gun build, cool secondary effect. It’s, you know, the “Op” Q-system, it’s name says it’s somewhat supposed to be really strong I guess. BUT, I think it is a lil too strong with the new shields ( for real tho, who thought 200% urad style shock dmg on shield depletion was a BALANCED idea?) thus, returning on topic, yes, those shield are likely going to receive a slight nerf

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This was at a time were the bugged interaction between clone and opq was not fixed isnt it?

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You may be right. Still a very powerful gun post ‘adjustment’

While I can see how these shields can be completely op on already strong chars/builds and some nerf might be warranted but they should stay at least usable.

I main Amara and play Moze as a secondary char and with the new Re-Volter my Amara is finally a viable option again for bossing.
That is cause I only enjoy the oldschool Phasezerker+TTB builds with her but that was lacking single target dmg for quite some time now. ‘Melee/Driver/Facepuncher/whatever else meta build I tried I did not like’

Atm with Re-Volter+the new class mod it feels like old times and don’t have to rely on my Urad Moze if I wanted to boss farm or run Takedowns at a decent rate.
Don’t get me wrong I love playing my Moze but sometimes I would like to play my oldschool Amara w/o feeling completely gimped compared to my Moze.

Did a True Maliwan/Guardian Takedown solo on my Amara today for testing purposes and its been a while since I had this much fun in the game to be honest.

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I get what you’re saying but that’s a balce issue with Amara being pretty weak atm. The problem is that if those shields persist in an unaltered state it pretty much kills any build variety. If we leave this as is then the question is what are all the other shields for ?? Might as well remove every other shield from the game except the two in question since they’ve all been made into redundant trash taking up space in the loot pool.

+1, I was about to mention that.

My lvl 57 O.P.Q. in my and the clone’s hands means no failing ever. I am having a hard time imagining how powerful a lvl 65 one will be.
I do expect they’ll think about its balance before Cartel. Or I’ll just never fire a shot again, et my Clone get all the glory.


Super Soldier with ASS anointment is insane. Basically a stronger Stop-Gap, with which you were already nearly inmortal.

But yeah, they really went ham with the new shields. Re-Volter is a 200% shock damage increase, Infernal wish is 2x damage on single pellet weapons and SS being a Stop-Gap on steroids makes them all god tier.

Does having a second projectile really make Infernal Wish better than say an ASS version 0.m? Amp is it’s own multiplier category, which you lose.